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I'm just a regular duder who likes to occasionally play video games, read books, practice archery and watch tv shows/movies. Pretty original description, right? I don't consider myself an otaku or anything crazy like that, but I do unapologetically like shonen anime. One piece in particular.

My favorite color's blue, but I also enjoy colors with funny names. I live in the south, but never developed a southern accent (Dodged a bullet there). I also built a Pc, even though I'm neckbeardless. Although, from what I understand that comes with experience.

I make digital art in my spare time. You can check out some of my stuff here on etsy. I know plugging stuff around here is frowned upon, but I think it's okay tucked here on this page.

Here's a picture of a cute pup too

since you took the time to visit this page :D