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Make a Scott Pilgrimage 0

   Anamanguchi's soundtrack is divine, by the way  (This review originally appeared on my gaming blog)  Scott Pilgrim, then, was a chance discovery of a Marketplace bargain. 400 points? I’m in. It’s a winning price point: if it’s a bad game, you spent a pittance to discover that, but if it’s a good game, you spent a pittance to discover that. The game is a wonderful beat ‘em up trip down memory lane of rainy Sundays spent in my Dad’s living room playing Streets of Rage 2 or Golden Axe 2 with...

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What a surprise 0

Anyone who has been on Xbox Live for long enough will remember the previous efforts to involve Doritos in game design - it wasn't pretty. What followed was a lot of folks picking up the game for free, winging through it in around an hour, collecting their 200 points, and swiftly moving on to a 'real' game, as it were. This time around, the Doritos name is not being banded about in such a willy-nilly fashion, as this week's double-release shows us. And the two couldn't be more different... We'll ...

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Condemned to be remembered 0

          Best-Dressed 2006 - Murdering Psychopath category If you’re the sort of person who finds themselves wondering ‘Why am I not soaked in my own urine often enough?’, then this review may appeal to your senses, and moreover Condemned: CO might just be the sort of game that you’ve been looking for your whole life. Taking place in a world that apes David Fincher’s Se7en about as much as is possible without a team of friendly solicitors beating down publisher Monolith’s office doors, Condem...

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For fans only 0

This xmas, I received Ghostbusters: TVG with joy, having missed the original release. I am a long-time fan of the movies, and one-time fan of the animated ‘Real Ghostbusters’ series. In the chaos after June, I had completely forgotten about it, something for which Gears of War 2 was also partly responsible. The game is jam-packed with callbacks, in-jokes, characters and all manner of references to the 2 films, to the level at which it becomes easy to forget how shallow that pool of source materi...

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Charming but flawed 0

Well, I’m so far just around two hours into playing Pandemic’s swansong, and I have to say, it’s been a real thrill-ride so far. They’re well-known for their Mercenaries franchise, and having never played nor even seen those titles, I had little to no context on whether this game was going to live up to my expectations or not. The reason for my high hopes were that if a game ever could fit into a niche market, I think Pandemic did an excellent job in designing one for me. Irish? Check. World War...

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CrossCom-a-riffic 0

Okay, so this is definitely an old game to be looking at, but bear with me. Which game was the most hyped and also (I think) the highest selling of 2009? Need a hint? It was Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, and although it dates from 2006, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (GRAW, for short) deals with a similar brand of warfare, although GRAW takes place in a slightly near-future scenario. Does that it put it ahead of MW2? Probably not, but with all the attention thrown at Infinity Ward’s output, th...

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