• tim posted a message on the post Letter from the Editor - 07/02/2014.

    I will always love the people who made GB, who founded GB. The long time fans who grew up with them at GameSpot is what made this site so popular. It has been just a horrible year for GB on so many fr...

  • tim posted a message on the post The Settlers Continues Forth With Kingdoms of Anteria.

    What a worthless trailer.

  • tim posted a message in the forum topic Your Giant Bomb Expansion Plan Patch Notes. on the General Discussion board

    When Ryan Davis passed i found it hard to expect Giant Bomb to be the same. The fact is Jeff, Vinny and Brad really carried the quick look void together and made it surprisingly enjoyable.Although i r...

  • tim posted a message on the post The Stomping Land Might Be Our Dream Dinosaur Game.

    Wow this looks so bad. I'll be honest i only even clicked on this as Patrick made it sound like a good thing, i must have misunderstood him, or he simply let his love for dinosaurs cloud his judgment...

  • tim posted a message on the post Quick Look: Hitman Go.

    Even Vinny can't save this one from Brad LOL.