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I thought it was all great but maybe there should be a split between your segments with guests and getting your impressions of games. I felt like this time when there were guests you mainly talked about the industry in general and maybe there was not as much of a focus on what games you had seen that day and your impressions. Each night it would be good to have an hour of just you guys talking about what you saw that day. Guests were amazing this year though it blew my mind a little that you had the big dogs from Microsoft and Sony.

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Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK

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My issue is not with the kickstarter or even Facebook (I may not like the product but I like the company). My issue is that I am not a fan of big companies constantly acquiring smaller teams. I would have preferred to see Oculus become a big entity in its own right but then again I suppose they have done that by selling in a way.

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If Carmack walks out before release you know things have really gone tits up

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Well me two drivers crashed on the first corner but my teams of Force India and McLaren worked pretty well

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I'm in. I've backed teams rather than drivers so lets hope that works out.

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keep getting stuck at various points during the race set up

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It looks like a very child friendly design but as someone who has been waiting for a price cut I won't be buying one of these. Much rather wait for a 3DSlite equivalent

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@jareda said:

Hmm... Probably Edgar Wright...

I agree. Although I'm also a big fan of Nolan, Scorsese. Duncan Jones is fast becoming one of the best although WOW will be his big test.

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1. Mercedes cars are tough on tires this season. As the tires degrade during the race Lewis has lost several places in previous races this season.

2. There are 3 qualifying sessions. As Mark made it into Q3 that means he has already earned a place in the top 10. If he chooses not to set a time or can't he starts 10th.

3. It seems a matter of opinion how much drivers affect a teams performance. Vettel could not win a Grand Prix in a Marrusia for example. The top teams are definitely there due to money but for example Mclaren are having a terrible season despite being one of the wealthiest teams and its down to engineering not their drivers.

4. You can make one change of direction in order to defend your position

5. There is a DRS detection point. If the time difference between cars crossing that line is <1s the car behind will have access to DRS once they meet DRS activation point

6. Harder tyres last for longer than soft ones but are slower and each car is required to use both in a race. If you qualify in the top 10 you must start the race on the tyres you qualified on. Choosing tyre preference is all part of the teams individual strategy.

7. They wear what look like car hands-free kits during the race no idea of the technical details.

8. If you are judged to gain an advantage when contesting for a place you will either have to give the place up or face a penalty. If corners are cut when they are not battling for a place I believe they get a warning and a penalty for repeat offences.

9. According to commentary it is the failure of one of the many measurement devices on the vehicle

10. Points described by @darthozzan are correct not sure what you saw.

I would love to see you do a live quick look of the new F1 2013 when it is out so the chat can answer any questions while you figure it out. I still play 2011 to this day as its pretty addictive.