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Right then here is the revised build based on your recommendations.

I am pretty locked in on these specs but if anything can spot simple changes that would save me money let me know. For example can I get cheaper components that won't have a significant effect on performance or reliability. For some components I have gone for brands I know which may be more expensive

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Ok so I think the last thing for me to lock in is motherboard. I have decided to go for the fractal design case so a larger motherboard is possible but I would like on with wifi included. Any recommendations as I don't think I can find an asus one with built in wifi

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@corruptedevil would you recommend changing motherboard if I went for that case then?

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Thanks Duders. Don't worry about those prices I will look in more detail at that later. @jarmahead I was already thinking about the memory upgrade so I will do that and the larger hard drive.

It seems the biggest issue is overclocking. I think I will go for the k version of the processor in case I want to down the line but for now I am not fussed. Does that mean I could also hold back on the extra CPU cooler?

What's the general consensus on the motherboard/case I want to keep the form factor relatively small but still have the option for upgrades in the future. Can I make do with my current plan or is it going to restrict me?

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I am about to build my first PC in about 8 years and I am currently picking components. I want this rig for primarily gaming but also some video editing/vfx. Here is what I currently have planned


The main thing is making sure all the components are compatible with each other and while I am happy to spend a significant amount of money I don't want to spend money unnecessarily.

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I am about to build a PC and I am looking to buy a current gen controller to use with it. I have heard Xbox One is the simplest choice but as I am planning on buying a PS4 soon it is logical to buy a Dualshock 4. Is using a Dualshock 4 on PC complicated enough that it would make sense to buy a Xbox One controller or should I just buy a Dualshock.

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I thought it was all great but maybe there should be a split between your segments with guests and getting your impressions of games. I felt like this time when there were guests you mainly talked about the industry in general and maybe there was not as much of a focus on what games you had seen that day and your impressions. Each night it would be good to have an hour of just you guys talking about what you saw that day. Guests were amazing this year though it blew my mind a little that you had the big dogs from Microsoft and Sony.

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Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK

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My issue is not with the kickstarter or even Facebook (I may not like the product but I like the company). My issue is that I am not a fan of big companies constantly acquiring smaller teams. I would have preferred to see Oculus become a big entity in its own right but then again I suppose they have done that by selling in a way.

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If Carmack walks out before release you know things have really gone tits up