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A Shell of a Game 0

Demonicon has the structure of a much better game. Most of what was put into that structure is not good.It's part action game part RPG with dialog choices similar to Mass Effect and Dragon Age. The RPG system is an adaptation of the Dark Eye pencil & paper system. The action is standard 3rd person melee and spellcasting.Generally everything works pretty well. The dialog options seem to have real impacts on the story and outcomes, right down to the ending scene you get. The RPG system works p...

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Ambitious and Mostly Successful 0

How I played the game: This is my first Deus Ex game, so I can't speak to how it fits into the series or how it compares. I played the PS3 version well after the first patch. Load times were O.K. for me, not particularly short, but not bad. I played it on the hardest difficulty my first time through. I played a mixed build with max armor, some hacking, all grenade effect resists, and a mix of the movement stuff. Maxed assault rifle but I used the pistol quite a lot.The short version: This is a G...

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Alternate History Strategy 0

Operation Darkness is a strange alternate history WWII turn-based strategy game with zombies and werewolves.  It's a pretty weird but by-the-numbers storyline told through text boxes with voice-over between campaign missions.  You control a squad of storyline characters and generic recruit characters using some pretty standard turn-based strategy controls.  There are 3 groups of trigger commands that can be used to cause a character to take action when another ally moves, when anyone moves throu...

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