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Finally someone who can stand toe to toe with Jeff in a fighting game !

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holy shit. So glad i am not the one playing that xD

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Woho I am in a Giantbomb video :D

Fantastic editing btw !

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@luck702 said:

@beachthunder: Why oh why is this one of the only MMO's to still ask for a monthly sub. I've wanted to check this out for years but don't want to pay monthly doses of money for a game that require months and months of participation to even learn. Giant Bomb is the one and only piece of entertainment I will pay a monthly membership for.

They have talked about this. If they went f2p they would have to implement micro transactions to the game which they do not want.

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@supernormalstep said:

Did you hear that Zack?

Oh God, I forgot about the kazoos! You're near the end, thinking you've heard perfection, then Bam!

MAN i had totally forgotten about this song !

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Aww i was hoping he would take an extra hot pizza to the criminal so he could break out of jail and steal a helicopter then go bring forth the Apocalypse.

I played so much of that game when i was younger but so little of it has stuck with me : (

I also remember some awesome lego train sim game i played to death.

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Edit: And I love Battle realms, gonna have to find that somewhere

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wow my accent is so heavy ! still glad i got a call in :P

I am at around 8 mins !

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@RVonE: Same here, that is why i am wondering if this is the next game to play after KH 2

There have been so many spin-offs that i am not even sure anymore :S

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Cant wait for this to come out

Me and a group of friends are gonna make and outfit on NC !

@Hawker: Yeah xD i got it the same way, without even trying