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Rad! Looking at his top 10 and a couple of his articles, it seems like we'll be getting more interesting writing and coverage sorta similar to what Patrick was doing, which is great. Giant Bomb's definitely been missing a voice for the weird new shit in games for a while now.

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@danzig said:

@artisanbreads said:

Chinamen is not the preferred nomenclature, dude.

Chinaman is what the character was called, dude.


Throwin' rocks tonight, boys

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Nice. Feel like you should photoshop in the gut a little. Not trying to be a jerk, just, y'know, for accuracy.

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Voted for the CBSi announcement, but more for the Bombcast right after that started with the Price is Right theme. Seriously, 5 solid minutes of laughing on the way to work.

Probably would have been #teambrad if I had seen it live, but watching the archive just wasn't the same.

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@johnaze: Did not notice that, and the first comment from Dave in the bug reporting thread is about not posting image sizing issues... So I guess they already know haha

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Really liking it. I don't really mind the huge images, but you can tell those dudes must use monitors the size of Jeff's new one for design.

Also, not sure if anyone mentioned this already, but the icons and logo are scaling really weird. In Chrome for Mountain Lion. Might have to do with the retina screen on this macbook, but Safari displays them fine.

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God, top three is hard. Okay:

- Symphony of the Night

- Guitar Hero 2 has to be on here, I've probably played every song on it for more collective time than both of my other choices combined.

- ...Shadow of the Colossus?

SOTC could easily be switched for Mass Effect 2, or Resident Evil 4, or Pokemon Blue, or... gah, too many choices

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Reddit, man. See you in a year.

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Just joined. No idea what I'm doing yet, haven't played an Armored Core since 3. Forgot how nuts these games are, holy crap menus!

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@natetodamax: Yep, the same thing happened to me. Except I'm at 61. Yeah. Almost happened the second time too, but managed to stay on barely, then I was killed almost immediately once I landed. Tried a couple more times, with slightly better results, but I think I need to stop and get some better stuff first.