Games I hate for one reason or another

Some of these games are hated for what they are - others for cicumstances surronding them

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Posted by Astras

I didn't actually think that ET was that bad to be honest, people complain about the falling down the holes.. if you spend more than an hour playing it... it actually kinda worked and you could get better. For it's time and what was available.. it wasn't the disaster people now make it out to be.
Altered beast I played that through so many times.. yep I know were you are coming from.
As for Wow, it's designed in such a way that you need to play every night and actually schedule time during the week for it.. ive got a level 80 and yes I have now quit because it's the other people in game that demand your time to be able to be upto scratch to run endgame content with them. 

Posted by ahoodedfigure
@Astras: I've never played E.T. but I get the impression its reputation has exceeded its actual badness.  There are plenty of games that are a lot more messed up.
Take the 7800 version of Impossible Mission, for example.  Unlike the game for other systems, a coding error in the build they released meant the game was LITERALLY impossible to beat.
As for MMORPGs ruining people's lives, there are plenty more to pile on this list, then.  They're designed with people's flaws in mind.

Posted by Darviathar

E.T. is an interesting story.  It was a horrible game thrown together in mere weeks, and even as a ten year old I found it very unappealing.  I didn't realize until many years later that it was really the game that caused the end of the "golden age" of video games in 1983.   Star wars Galaxies...oh does that bring back some memories.  I was completely addicted in the first month or so.  So badly that I bought the game *three times* so that I could have a grand master in the various crafting styles.  I had an architect.  I had a weapon maker.  Hell, I even had a dancer.  Little did I realize that the game was just a shell, and after 2 months or so, I went on hiatus, little knowing that I'd never return.  I tried during some of the "free returns" years later, but like you say, the game had changed so much by then that it was pointless.