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No Doki Doki Here! 0

Here is the True Super Mario Bros. 2. After Nintendo released this game, they thought that it was too hard for Americans. To help us get a part 2, they took “Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panic” and put Mario and Friend into the game. That’s why it’s known as the Lost Levels. They were right about one thing, this game is HARD!!  It was not as easy as the first one. The game play is the same, but the Levels are just hard. To add something even harder, Nintendo made a new power up for this game. Poison Mus...

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A Plumber in a Shoe 0

 This is the #1 Mario game for the NES! This really helped us get an awesome way to play Super Mario games! This was the first Mario game to have Maps! You got to choose where to go some times.  You also had to do some thing to get some things in the game. Also, this was the first Mario game to have two Mario games in it! You could play “Mario Bros.” to see who would go next if you wanted! There were also 4 new Power ups in the game! 5 if you include the P-wing. You had Frog, Raccoon, Hammer, an...

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Doki Doki is Missing 0

Super Mario Bros. 2? This game was 100% different then any of the Mario Bros. Games that we have seen! Why? Well, after Super Mario Bros. 2 came out in Japan, Nintendo thought it was to hard for the US. To help everyone out side of Japan have a Part 2, Nintendo did some thing weird. They took another game and replaced the Heroes with Mario and Friends! The game is called, “Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panic”. You’ll have to read the review to learn more. :PWell, the game just starts. You really don’t kn...

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The Real Musher-Man 0

This was the First "Real" Mario game out. True we had "Mario Bros." and "Donkey Kong" already out, but they where not THE Mario game. This was a first for a lot of Characters that we know and love. Some of the biggest names are Peach, Toad, and Bowser. In this game, Bowser or King Koopa, kidnapped Peach Toadstool, the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. Now Mario Mario and Luigi Mario have to go and save her. These two plumbers are our heroes of the game. There are only three power ups to help you...

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