Best of Giant Bomb Videos Masterthread. Newest: 55 - TED-01


Hi! Over the past three years (God...) I've been collecting the best bits of random Giant Bomb Quick Looks/Videos and making little compilations of them and putting them up on Youtube. I remember initially doing them as a way of introducing new members to the site what the best content was without having them being forced to watch countless hours of videos.

Over time, some of the videos broadened out past Giant Bomb and introduced a lot of outsiders to the site (I remember receiving a lot of comments/PMs saying that the videos led them to the site and/or led them to buying premium content). I'm super happy that this stuff managed to happen because I was effective in making my little highschool mixtape of what I thought was cool and I was able to share it with a bunch of people.

Ok, Where am I going with this? I've done a horrible job over the past year or so of keeping up with it and properly cataloging stuff when I should have. So this thread is a way to properly do it. Along with that, there's also a handful of users on youtube that have done similar things that should be grouped in with my shlock (actually the Persona highlights were made before I started doing stuff). So here we go!

Best of Giant Bomb series

Most Recent Video:


Best of Giant Bomb 1 - Origins

Best of Giant Bomb 2 - The Return Of The Helicopter

Best of Giant Bomb 3 - 3D

Best of Giant Bomb 4 - Fucking Four

Best of Giant Bomb 5 - Hidden Jackie Chan

Best of Giant Bomb 6 - Fake Boobs

Best of Giant Bomb 7 - Welcome To Railworks

Best of Giant Bomb 8 - Flower Sofa

Best of Giant Bomb 9 - No Chewing Allowed

Best of Giant Bomb 10 - Don't Shake The Baby

Best of Giant Bomb 11 - Megan's Laws

Best of Giant Bomb 12 - Spit On It

Best of Giant Bomb 13 - I Love My Job

Best of Giant Bomb 14 - Don't Leave Me Hangin

Best of Giant Bomb 15 - Space Whale Has Ascended

Best of Giant Bomb 16 - Truck Wars 2011

Best of Giant Bomb 17 - Safe Spot

Best of Giant Bomb 18 (lost to YouTube forever. Will remake it once I have time)

Best of Giant Bomb 19 - I'm A Cupcake

Best of Giant Bomb 20 - Zero To Britain

Best of Giant Bomb 21 - The Truth Behind Wappy Dog

Best of Giant Bomb 22 - Double Salutes to Salute to Saluting

Best of Giant Bomb 23 - Flight Club

Best of Giant Bomb 24 - 'Tis Only But A Scratch

Best of Giant Bomb 25 - Big Jeffrey

Best of Giant Bomb 26 - Fake Nazi's / Real Karate

Best of Giant Bomb 27 - The Alex Trebek Concept

Best of Giant Bomb 28 - We Are Farmers Now

Best of Giant Bomb 29 - That's So Gumbo

Best of Giant Bomb 30 - Take A Look

Best of Giant Bomb 31 - Call Adele

Best of Giant Bomb 32 - Thanks Viagra

Best of Giant Bomb 33 - A Fork

Best of Giant Bomb 34 - Strom's Revenge

Best of Giant Bomb 35 - Boat Games

Best of Giant Bomb 36 - How The War Was Won

Best of Giant Bomb 37 - #LEGITSPOOKS

Best of Giant Bomb 38 - Xbox 25

Best of Giant Bomb 39 - Cacodad

Best of Giant Bomb 40 - Grand Theft Vinny

Best of Giant Bomb 41 - Slice The Pie

Best of Giant Bomb 42 - For The Kids

Best of Giant Bomb 43 - HR Awaits

Best of Giant Bomb 44 - Beep Beep

Best of Giant Bomb 45 - Bring It

Best of Giant Bomb 46 - Five Kings

Best of Giant Bomb 47 - Jump

Best of Giant Bomb 48 - Artorias B.I.G.

Best of Giant Bomb 49 - A Dark Turn

Best of Giant Bomb 50 - Bat-Tech™

Best of Giant Bomb 51 - What A Season

Best of Giant Bomb 52 - More Cupcakes

Best of Giant Bomb 53 - Bomb Maybe

Best of Giant Bomb 54 - Ziiip

Best of Giant Bomb 55 - TED-01

Other User's Youtube videos/pages

MonoPingo's Best of Persona 4 Endurance Run Playlist

Armaan Sandhu's Best of Deadly Premonition Endurance Run Playlist

TMTomson's Best of the Fear Gauntlet

Mike Kob's Giant Bomb videos are fucking amazing.

TheBurlapLemur's Bitesized Bomb videos is super ambitious. Watch them if the "Quick Looks" aren't quick enough.

Personal To-Do List for Me:

  • I need to add more people to the Other Videos section. If there's anyone out there who I skipped over, please yell at me.
  • Make more videos! I'm currently looking at making a video a week since I've got time now. If you have a favorite highlight, please yell at me on here or on my Twitter account.


Best of Giant Bomb 36

I know, I'm slow. There should be more updates every (possibly other) week, so stay tuned for that! It's all laid out in the comments how I'm doing this along with my wrestling website ( btw)

As always, all requests are welcome.

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Thank you Ryan

I think that I've written and deleted so many sentences today trying to figure out what to say. So here's the best I can come up with:

Thank you Ryan for providing me with hundreds of hours of great, incredible videos and podcasts. Even if I never got to meet you (I've been kicking myself all day today for not getting those PAX East tickets for last years show because I've wanted to be a part of it for so long but schedules and college has always held me back), I felt like I had a close, personal attachment to you because of the way you conducted and handled yourself on a day to day basis.

You were extremely funny and a great host, I've been trying to think of flaws with Ryan Davis all day and I can not come up with any. I remember a few years ago (maybe last year?) where you accidentally got mad at a game and yelled out a slur, but you immediately apologized and called yourself out on your mistake. It's rare to be great at your job, but it's equally as rare when you find someone with that kind of humility as well.

I'll definitely miss your maniacal cackle as well, as it brings me great joy whenever I got to hear it.

RIP Ryan


Best of Bioforge, Worst of E3 2013, Community Commentaries(?), and more, with your friend, TurboMan.

Best of Bioforge Video

I'm a super big fan of the series of Bioforge videos, so I decided to make it into my "Best of GB" videos and I might be open to doing more subscriber stuff in the future (that is, unless somebody on the staff doesn't like it, then I'll stop of course). I haven't done any Best Of Quick Look videos in a long time due to school and work taking over, but I'm still having fun doing them and I still appreciate it whenever people give me good feedback. I'm still amazed at how good I am at breaking iMovie. I think I should have the second half up after E3.

The Worst of E3 2013

As with the past two years, I'm planning on staying up all night Tuesday and making a Worst of E3 video for this year as well. I'm actually hopeful that this year won't be as much of a complete shit show as the past few years have been in terms of cringe inducing moments, but with Microsoft on the ropes, Ubisoft's tendency in hiring the worst MC's, EA screwing things up, and Nintendo just giving up this year, I'm pretty confident that there will be some fun stuff from all of the press conferences.

Community Commentaries(?)

Everyone loves the live commentary videos that the staff does. Unfortunately, they're not able to do it for the main press conferences. Would the community be interested in a "Community Commentary" set of live videos from the events? If so, the I'd like to contribute and gather up a small group of people who could also contribute... just an idea I'm throwing out there.


Obligatory random wrestling video:


The Official Sony Press Conference Drinking Game.

The time has come to welcome in the next generation of video gaming! There's no better way to do this, in my opinion, than to tie it together with a drinking game. Go grab your favorite beer and bottle of whiskey and prepare to die join the fun!

  • 2 Drinks: Every time somebody claims the footage was made from "Real Time" gameplay
  • 1 Shot: Something obviously goes horribly wrong (Wonderbook moments)
  • 1 Drink: Every time Twitter is mentioned or you see #________ on the screen.
  • Finish Drink: A wild Kevin Butler appears.
  • 1 Drink: A Bar Chart is on the screen.
  • Finish Drink: Anything about The Last Guardian is mentioned.
  • 1 Shot: Dubstep
  • 2 Shots: Power
  • Kill Yourself: Flow Rida performs a song.
  • 1 Drink: Whenever the word "Epic" is used. (NOTE: This is the word "Epic", not the developer. It doesn't count for the developer.)
  • 1 Drink: Whenever somebody describes something as a "totally new experience".
  • 1 Shot: If the rubber duck makes a return.
  • Entire Bottle of Cheap Champagne: Square Enix shows off another FF7 Tech Demo trailer.
  • Finish Drink: Any reference to the shambolic PS3 unveiling "buying raw potential, RIIIIIIIDGE RACEEER, giant enemy crab"
  • 5 Shots: Harlem Shake
  • Finish your drink: Whenever Ridge Racer gets mentioned.
  • 1 Shot: Whenever someone takes something out of their pocket.
  • 1 Drink: Whenever Kaz Hirai does the number 4 with his hand.

I'm going to be constantly adding stuff to the list, so please add in your own ideas.


Recommend me some Best Of Giant Bomb Moments

I'm thinking about making a "Best of" monthly. So if there's any great moment from quick looks and/or premium video you want to recommend to me, do it here. (I might start doing premium videos pending Drew's approval).

WHAT IS THE BEST CLIPS OF JANUARY !?!?!??!?!?!?!??!???????



The ultimate 2012 memorial is here!

Favorite Game: The Walking Dead

Never in the history of my life have I cared about characters in a video game like I've cared about the group of survivors that I met in The Walking Dead. It's been talked about to death, so I'll just skip everything and move on...

I'll miss ya, Clem D':

Favorite Movie: Django Unchained

This was kind of wide open for me all year long, and I probably would have answered this question with "Cabin in the Woods" a few weeks ago, but I'm a sucker for Tarantino, and I feel that him and his cast absolutely knocked it out of the park with this one. DiCaprio's dinner table scene alone was one of the most exhilarating moments in cinema that I've seen in a long time.

Favorite Album: Tame Impala - Lonerism

I hated mostly all music this year. I really liked Tame Impala however. Honorable mention to Japandroids.

Favorite Giant Bomb Quick Look: A-10C Warthog

It didn't take long at all until we got the best Quick Look of the year. As the guy who makes highlight clips out of this stuff, this video was a blessing. It also cemented the Flight Club videos as some of the funnest videos to watch on this website. It takes about 35 minutes until they finally get the damn plane in the air, but it has some of the greatest banter in any quick look and a few moments that are glorious.

Favorite Giant Bomb Subscriber Video: Breaking Brad: Doom II

Six hours of Brad Muir, Cacodads, and Brad fucking up. A day well waisted.

Favorite Episode of Community: Pillows and Blankets

A history channel-style documentary of a civil war in Greendale Community College between Troy's Blanket-fort and Abed's Pillow-fort. I love this show so much.

Favorite Episode of Louie: Late Show

Favorite YouTube video: Caine's Arcade

Favorite Psy song of 2012: GANGNAM STYLE

Favorite Wrestling Match of 2012: CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan

Favorite Wrestling Gimmick of 2012: Archibald Peck / The Mysterious and Handsome Stranger

Get this: Archibald Peck (The leader of the high school band) loses his cheerleader girlfriend Veronica to Mr. Touchdown. Then, Archibald goes to a dark place and turn himself into Mixed Martial Archie. Mixed Martial Archie loses a "Loser Leaves Town" match to Mr. Touchdown and is forced to leave wrestling... months later, some guy in a mask and a cowboy hat named "The Mysterious and Handsome Stranger" debuts. He goes on a huge win streak for the rest of the year along with his trusty sidekick and pidgeon friend, Sapphire. Nobody can beat these two, and the Mysterious and Handsome stranger challenges Mr. Touchdown to a match. During the match, Mr. Touchdown MURDERS SAPPHIRE. At the last show of the year, The Mysterious and Handsome Stranger gets his revenge on Mr. Touchdown and Veronica and reveals that he is none other than ARCHIBALD PECK! But wait, Archibald Peck was banned from wrestling... but there's one thing that nobody saw. During the Loser Leaves Town match, Eddie Kingston gave Archibald Peck a "Backfist to the Future", which sent Archibald Peck to the year 1885. From there, Archibald lived a long and hard life until he transformed into The Mysterious and Hansome Stranger and received another Backfist to the Future from a guy named Mad Dog, which sent him to after the Loser Leaves Town match. Thus, Archibald never lost the Loser Meets Town match until he gets hit with another Backfist to the Future which would then send him to the Loser Leaves Town match where he lost, completing the time travel storyline.

I made none of that up.

Favorite Color of 2012: Blue

Favorite Sports Moment of 2012: Mark Cuban vs. Skip Bayless