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Bad, Bad Angel 0

 Everything about this game is exaggerated and out control in nature.  Your main character is bizarre and erotic.  The enemies are weird and attack in interesting ways.  This confusion and creativity of design are what make this game so awesome.  Its a really enjoyable ride through a world turned topsy turvy.  The controls are tight, giving you a great level of control over a deadly main character.  The graphics are beautiful, with interesting landscapes and creature design.  The upgrade system ...

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Bro Montana and Bro Nameth Back in Action 0

I enjoyed the first army of two, even though it was fairly straightforward, had a limited customization system, and didn't make adequate use of its aggro gameplay mechanic.  Army of Two: TFD works to fix some of these issues, to mixed results.  The shootouts often boil down to taking out groups of enemies from a safe distance, and this leaves the action feeling somewhat diluted.  The cover mechanics are awkward at times, but work fairly well throughout.  The guns have a much better feel (have we...

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Haggar for Mayor! 0

This is a direct resurrection of magic sword and final fight.  The soundtrack has been significantly improved from the original (just try the old audio to see what I mean), and the visuals have been tuned up as well.  While I loved the original Final Fight, and bought this game wanting to relive it with a friend, I found that it had not aged well with me.  The simplistic gameplay was certainly nostalgic, but I also found it quite boring.  I had never played Magic Sword, and it was a huge dissapo...

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That One Busted Him Wide Open! 1

I'll start off by saying that I am a big fan of 3D fighters.  I love the Fight Night series and the Soul Calibur series as well.  The ability to side-step incoming attacks and parry is a must for me in a fighting series.  UFC 2010 allows both of these things, as well as all of the intricacies that come along with MMA as a professional sport.  The offline fighting is smooth and the hit detection is spot-on.  The fighters are well rendered, and the character creation is great.  Fighting with your ...

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The Creeps Come Out At Night 0

I had been waiting on Remedy to release this game for the better part of 3 years, so the anticipation and expectation were runnning high.  This game delivers in almost every way that counts.  The music is great, with songs and lyrics that go hand in hand with the plot of the game.  The music also adds a touch of humor.  These great songs, along with the quirky characters and amusing tv shows come together to ease the tension that the story creates so well.  The game itself is well paced, with so...

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