Moving on

Well, this has been obvious for a while, but I've not really been as active on GiantBomb, not blogging, dropped out of Luchazine. And it's not cause of some "I am Endogene" conspiracy (though mentioning Endogene in a blog such as this is actually mandatory) but I've just got other priorities. I still love my video games, but I'm focusing a lot on writing, and found another forum called MZP for script-based writing which I'm hella enjoying, like I enjoyed GB at the beginning of my time here.
This isn't a big "I'M NEVER COMING BACK" blog, just one to say that I'm doing other things and won't be as active on Giantbom,, though I'll still be listening to the bombcast every week!. I may post the odd blog post though, who knows, as well as doing a bit of chilling in the IRC.  Not gonna attatch this to the forum, no point.

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Posted by Red12b

Tylea002, He still sucks balls.
Good luck on your adventures man. 

Posted by Tylea002

There's no doubt about it, I'm always sucking balls.

Posted by Red12b
@Tylea002 said:
" There's no doubt about it, I'm always sucking balls. "


Always sucking those juicy balls. 

Posted by Tireyo

XD ok.