Started Gaming in 2004 - A top ten of games that took my breath away

I started gaming in 2004, when I was about 9. I had never experienced anything like it before because I lived in a country with technology that is about 10-20 years behind the UK. As a result I got into games at a later stage compared to my friends. Even when I started playing games I wasn't picking good ones. My first 2 years with gaming were exciting but I didn't realize how good games were because I had not point of reference so Sonic Adventure 2 Battle seemed like the best thing I'd ever seen. My first console was a Gamecube and I bought only sonic games for about 2 years because they seemed amazing. Around the time the Wii came out, I decided to diversify my tastes because there were no sonic games at launch.

The reason I feel the need to tell you all this is because my list of my favourite games are all this generation because I only really started looking at reviews and other things before my purchase this generation. My first 2 years of gaming involved buying games that had a cool box art which ended in me buying a ton of sonic games. I also never really went back to the old greats that people discuss because they feel dated to me. Therefore these may seem crazy for you guys but what do I care.

Anyway, hope you enjoy reading this. I've decided to do one game per franchise to be fair

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