Next Generation Controllers

With the announcement of new consoles at this E3 fast approaching I was thinking about what I would like next-generation controllers to look like. In actuality, I doubt they will change much. With the past console transition the Xbox controller only saw the change of removing the black and white buttons in favor of the bumper buttons (a fantastic decision by the way) and Sony’s dualshock is virtually identical, other than the addition of wireless functionality to each.

Honestly, I would not have much of a problem with that. Other than the absolute trash d-pad, I think the Xbox 360 controller is damn near perfect for games. Just fix the atrocious pad. The newer twistable d-pad is a little better, but I would still like to see a greater improvement on it by the time we get the next system.

My second opinion is not one I’m sure everyone will agree with, but I would like to have one or two buttons on the bottom of the controller. Not like the Z button on the N64; just a button placed near your ring fingers on the bottom. I realize it seems like the controllers are already riddled with buttons, but almost every single first and third-person controlled game requires the right stick to move around the camera during the entire experience, and the four face buttons provided are not very convenient when you have to pull your thumb off of the stick to use them. You already have multiple fingers holding up the controller, it would be nice to have the option to allow them to contribute to the gameplay as well. Even if you do not want to make it a primary button, just make an option where I can map any of the face buttons to it. That way people can ignore it if they want.

Other than those two issues, I love the 360 controller and would be completely fine with just having that again. Just leave motion control out of it. Both voice and motion controls have lost their novelty, and we have not spent all these years evolving gameplay just to have it shit on by imprecise controls.

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Posted By TooWalrus

I'd be happy with... the DualShock 3.

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Posted By musclerider

You are the controller.

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Posted By JZ

The boomerang is comeing back! Oooh god how awesome what that be?

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Posted By Colourful_Hippie

Just make the new xbox controller have a better d-pad.

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Posted By endoworks

The next controllers will be more comfortable versions of the NES game pad!

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Posted By DeF

They'll have a microwave in the middle. You know, because all gamers are fat and stuff.

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Posted By Justin258

The 360 controller's layout is great but the sticks are complete shit, they're almost broken out of the box for me. MS needs to fix that and the d-pads. And I also think there's room for the black and white buttons to return on the left and right sides of the Y button. They could be small, not big, but I definitely think they could be used well.

As for the Dualshock? For my tastes, it just needs to be heavier and the triggers need to be curved upwards so that my finger doesn't slide off of them.

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Posted By ManU_Fan10ne

@TooWalrus said:

I'd be happy with... the DualShock 3.


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Posted By Hunter5024

I think people have made their problems with the individual controllers pretty clear, fix the d-pad on 360 (I have the twistable one, and it's still not on par with other d-pads), improve L2 and R2 on the PS3 controller. I'd also really like them to get rid of that annoying battery pack on the 360, it makes holding the controller very uncomfortable, and I think the dualshock could stand to have its shape changed so that it's more comfortable. I'm still mad at everybody who bitched about the boomerang. Other then that I think the differences just come down to personal preference.