I've the bookcase contents of

an insufferable twenty-something virgin-for-life male.
honestly it goes like this
 j g ballard the exorcist raymond carver shit-tonne of medieval fantasy several dr pepper cans hannibal lecter novels pokemon soulsilver various pc games vincent valentine figurine diablo boxed collectors’ edition aragorn figurine poetry nirvana live footage dvds nintendo ds lite berserk figurines history of europe set published in the 30s napoleon biography dickload of stephen king more pc games x files star trek more x files philosophy texts classic horror d&d figurines kurt cobain journals nirvana coffee table photography book vampire the masquerade pen &paper rpg rulebook the witcher boxed collectors’ edition forgotten realms boxed set death note figurines chronicles of narnia bret easton ellis other stereotypical disturbing social commentary novels stapler in the shape of a crocodile voldemort figurine caesar biography berserk manga more poetry verse novels edgar allan poe harry potter claymore figurines complete works of shakespeare dracula tarot deck modern horror one trilogy set of lord of the rings one septet set of lord of the rings 40s adventure novels d&d dice