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    I'm going to guess that Carolyn ends up at Polygon within a week.Just based on the chatter, it seems like Gamespot might be trying to ape GiantBomb. But I'm not sure how well that will work when Giant...

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    Cops and robbers with LMGs and parachutes? This barely seems different enough to even be a mod. Just a map pack with different skins.

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    I'm still interested, but I think I was more interested before the talking bear and the American McGee landscapes. Something about being an ordinary kid in an ordinary house made the early trailers m...

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    I've always found things to enjoy about The Sims. I'm just not looking forward to seeing how aggressive their plan is for DLC and expansions. @draxyle said:I wish I could be optimistic for this, but I...

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    I don't think I know what "good graphics" means anymore. A lot of things went through my mind while watching the trailer, and "this foliage doesn't look good enough" was not one of them.