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"Camera Awesome" A.K.A."Camera!" by SmugMug is wining.

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Is there an iOS app that allows me to set my iPhone 5s down, walk away and take photos a few seconds apart for a minute or two?

I have found a few, but the photos come out sized down. I would also like focus locking.

I understand iOS 8 is coming out with a time lapse mode. That is not exactly what I need.


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Zanesville, OH, USA

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@lord_xp: So how did the Cleveland meetup go?

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@ch298807: I would love a Columbus meetup! Anyone else?

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Columbus native. I live and work in Zanesville. Ohio Univeristy 2001 graduate. Family in Ohio Valley.


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I used to love Mondays.

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I guess what I'm trying to say is that when you have a video game site as large as Giant Bomb, with a dedicated news staffer and the first navigation tab is labeled news, you should report on a Sony announcement that is being so widely reported. Sometimes you have to report news everyone else is reporting even if it is just universal speculation. I love Giant Bomb and want it to be my one stop for video game coverage.

I see they have since posted Sony's announcement video. Late is far better than never.

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It's been 14 hours since Playstation announced their Feb. 20 meeting. It is widely speculated to be the Playstation 4. I can't believe there has not been a news post or at least a Twitter post on the news.

I did hear talk of it on "Thursday Night Throwdown".

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@JackOhara said:

I enjoy your articles, but you should put more effort into not 'writing like you talk', it feels like I'm reading something from IGN.

I didn't understand the "The Gametrekking Omnibus" section. I don't think it's a great idea to point out what an ethics violation might look like then proceed to commit and ethics violation. I think staying away from Kickstarter projects is a good idea for reporters. I do salute you for full disclosure.