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I bought Farcry 3 on steam to try and avoid making another account on some other service, but nope, launch game through steam...to launch uplay to play Farcry 3.

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i was kind of on the edge on this until i seen the QL.  it's basically an updated diablo, for $18.00.  
so it's sitting in my "not installed" list until the game unlocks in 11 hours.  i swear, quick looks + steam = bye bye money.  first borderlands, now this. 

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im a man who loves me some dee jay.  hopefully this is true, and if they charge for it...please don't be $5.00. 

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if i foreseen this i would have taken an image of my fighting stick ex2 after being (admittedly it's pretty embarrassing) beaten by a tiger knee spamming sagat on street fighter 4.
yeah, i went all sorts of tiger knee on that fight stick and dented up the bottom pretty good,  controller surprisingly still works fine.  anywho, im now sticking to hd remix, close to no rage from that game.