• Voidplot posted a message on the post Quick Look: Persona 4: Arena Ultimax.

    Game is fantastic. I have not played any other game other than persona when it came out . The Lobbies are super addicting .

  • Voidplot posted a message on the post 30 Day Trial: World of Warcraft - Part 02.

    That was fun. Looking forward into his first pvp instance

  • Voidplot posted a message on the post Learn to Love Heihachi in this Slightly Longer Tekken 7 Trailer.

    I was hoping for gameplay from the stream recording of the SDCC panel. /:

  • Voidplot posted a message on the post Persona Q Now Has a Release Date: November 25.

    Can't wait for this! Very excited for this game looking forward to this more than Pokemon.

  • Voidplot posted a message in the forum topic future PS4 games coming. on the PlayStation 4 board

    @bofooq: there isn't a lot of games that would be a shocker to get a PS4 . A lot of games are also on PS3. There's a lot of indie games appearing on ps4 which are very nice. But if you are on a budget...

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