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Limbo Review 0

 It starts with shot of the bleak landscape of a forest. A world that is black and white with shades of grey. After a moment a pair of eyes flicker open and a boy rises up out of the grass to begin his arduous journey of running to the right. This is how Limbo, the first game of this year’s Summer of Arcade, opens up. And that’s all the game really gives you to go on at the start. Throughout the rest of the game it drips out little hints behind what’s going on in the story, but even by th...

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Crackdown 2 Review 0

 My friend paid $128.38 to play the standard edition of Halo 3 back in 2007. Remember the Halo 3 beta? Remember how you received access to this beta? You had to buy Crackdown for a full retail price of $59.99. You know what my friend did with his copy of Crackdown? He threw it out. He damned it to the abyss of coffee grinds and banana peels and all the stereotypical participants in a standard bag of trash. Obviously the point in adding the Halo 3 beta to Crackdown was to promote sale...

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New Super Mario Bros. Wii 0

 There’s no bigger franchise in video games than the Mario series. He’s been in so many different styles of games that it is difficult to keep track. Whether he’s fighting in Super Smash Bros., playing tennis or golf, or saving the princess in an RPG, no one is more recognizable than Mario and the gang. Platforming, though, has always been Mario’s bread and butter, especially in class 2-D on the NES and Super NES. But since the mid-1990s, we’ve only had our Italian hero tearing it up in th...

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Alpha Protocol Review- The WarpZone 0

By Tom Price   The spy game genre is one that generally falls into two categories. There’s the Metal Gear/Splinter Cell side, consisting of lurking around in shadows and covertly accomplishing missions. And then there is the James Bond side, a shooter with a spy skin thrown over it. But consider that large portions of any good James Bond movie has just as much talking as it does sneaking and straight up action. The same goes for Alpha Protocol, with a mix of action and intrigue to mix up mission...

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Red Dead Redemption Review- The Warpzone 0

By Matt Calamia   I’ve always been a bit hesitant about review an open-world sandbox game. There is just so much to cover in so little space, that it can be a little overwhelming. A massive story, side-quests and just all around time-wasters really adds up.I’m still going to try and review this massive game we like to call Red Dead Redemption. Saddle up. Set in 1911, Red Dead stars John Marston, a rugged, ornery lookin’ feller who is an outlaw. What sets Marston apart from other protagonists dev...

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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review- The Warpzone 0

By Eric Smith   Nintendo has been giving the Wii a lot of 3-D platformer Mario love. It started in 2007 with Super Mario Galaxy and it ends with the sequel, Super Mario Galaxy 2, in 2010. The original Super Mario Galaxy enthralled us with a sense of creativity that we just don’t often find  in video games these days. The original was so widely received, that three years later, it is still one of the highest rated games off all-time. Ever since the sequel debut at E3 2009, the reactions were mixe...

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Modnation Racers Review- The Warpzone 0

By Tom PriceThe second game sporting the Playstation 3′s “Play, Create, Share” tag line, Modnation Racers is the latest game relying on creation as a huge part of the experience- Little Big Planet being the originator. On top of being in the shadow of one of the PS3′s biggest exclusives, MNR is a kart racing game, a genre that has been dominated by Mario Kart since it debuted on the Super Nintendo. So with two huge games to live up to, can the little up and comer live up to either? Good god yes....

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UFC Undisputed 2010 Review- The WarpZone 0

THQ turned heads last May when they released arguably the most solid fighting game of the year with UFC Undisputed 2009. The game captured the art and science of mixed martial arts better than any game focused on the combat sport before, while still being fairly simple to play. UFC Undisputed 2010 offers more of the same in terms of gameplay. THQ simplified things a bit, but there is still that easy to do, hard to master feel. There is still a gratifying feeling when you perform a move for the f...

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Alan Wake Review- Warpzone Gaming 0

 By Tom Price It’s rare when a game’s story is worth talking about more than the actual game itself. But it seems that this year we’ve managed to get two such games already. Heavy Rain, back in February, and now on Alan Wake. First announced at E3 in 2005, Alan Wake has been a long time coming, and at least for me and most of the people I’ve talked to, it’s never been entirely clear what kind of game it is. But, five years after being announced, Remedy’s Alan Wake is finally here, so what kind o...

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Splint Cell: Conviciton Review- Warpzone Gaming 0

Splinter Cell: Conviction isn’t your normal Splinter Cell game. Sure, it still stars Sam Fisher. The spy organization Third Echelon is still here. And you can still jump out of the shadows to snap a neck or two. But for one thing that’s the same there are two things that they’ve changed. Movement and interactions with the environment are much smoother and streamlined. You’re fighting against Third Echelon, instead of working for it. But mostly, there is much less of an emphasis on using stealth....

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Split/Second Review (Xbox 360)- Warpzone Review 0

 I’m never one to get too excited for a racing game. To me, all of them are the same. You start with a below average car, win some races, and make the car better. For a racer to grab my attention, it has to have some unique gimmick that others just don’t have. Split/Second is that type of racer.    Split/Second offers racers the chance to bring the environment into play. After filling your power play meter by performing drifts around corners, or drafts from following your opponents closely, you ...

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