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I guess I know what I'm playing after Mass Effect, been looking forward to this. It's good of them to put this out for us console proles.

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@Imensae said:

With the whole festival atmosphere and X-Games vibe, it is certainly going for that "extreme" tone. Dirt 2 went from people talking about how "awesome" and "gnarly" things were, straight to a memorial segment on Colin McRae.

I think this pretty much sums up the problem I have with Dirt as a whole, the change in style and tone from the previous McRae games was just so jarring. Also just to say that if people like Dirt, that's fine. It just isn't what I, and judging from the comments here, a fairly large section of the audience is looking for from a rally game. I just wish Codemasters would see that. As for dumb racing games like this one, Burnout fills that role for me. I don't know what they're doing slapping the Dirt brand on this game. It makes little sense.

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@c0kemusheen said:

Wow how condescending, what "Americanization" are you talking about exactly??

Where to begin. The downsizing of rally sections. The introduction of trucks, buggies, hillclimbing etc. X-Games. Gymkhana. The whole "Xtreme" makeover. Need I go on?

Blaming the game changes on Americans is just ignorant and pathetic, don't be so quick to shovel the blame for something you don't like.

I don't think there's much doubt that Codemasters made these changes to appeal more to the American market. All I want is for them to do for rally what they've done for F1, ie. to produce a more serious game that appeals to fans of the sport. As for me being condescending, that was not my intention, and the problems that I have with the direction that this series is going in are not new ones. Sorry if I offended you.

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@CptBedlam said:

I really hope Codemasters will make a more Rally-focussed game again some day, at least as focussed as Dirt 1 was ... with damage repair between stages, long stages , no "hip" X-games crap etc. And again: no more Gymkhana, please!

This. So very, very much.

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Watching this just makes more hope that Dirt 4 will be more serious. I was one of those people the Codemasters guy mentioned who played the old Colin McRae series, and I was completely turned off by the Americanisation and 'crazy' gameplay of the recent games. Hopefully Dirt 4 will actually be about rallying for once.