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I have been saying "Fuck Kenny" since S1 Episode one. I have wanted to beat him senselss, leave him to die when he goes on a wild irrational tear, or just walk away when he was broken. It was still painful and hard to finally put him down. Had I not disliked him so much, I wouldn't have been able to do it.

Where's the damn hug button.

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It is a stupid phone game in the vein of Clash of Clans. I have it on Android but have no experience with ios. There are premium and time restricted currencies and there is an action economy limiting how much you can build your dungeon based on real world timers (like Farmville). That being said, I pop in once a day to make my little imps dig new caverns or build things and I'm considering making a Giant Bomb guild if there is any interest.

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I've started playing on Android, but the clan is set to Invite Only. Are people still active in this?

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@bassman2112: While you have the feed selected the overflow 'hamburger' menu then 'Feed...' 'Edit Feed' 'More Settings' then find Feed authentication. Most people seem to have their username be the thing that works, but some have found it to be an email depending on how and when they signed up for whiskey. Make sure you hit save and you should be good to go.

On a related note, have you used the sync setting offered by Beyond Pod? I sometimes listen to the old Bombcasts and manually telling it which 100 to mark as unread from 2010-11 was a pain in the ass when I set up my new phone.

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@thethirdman: Yes, theyr'e in the same feed as the ad-free bombcast. Pocket Casts has said they plan on adding username and password authentication in an update. So far they've updated the app twice in the past week with other fixes so I have high hopes they'll get to this.

In the meantime, Beyond Pod on android does support authentication. For me it was my username not email. It'll give you a week of free trial to test the app and you can export the .opml from Pocket Casts so you don't have to resubscribe to everything.

Edit: Then Edited again when I found a mistake

I've found a way to encode the authentication in the podcast url that works with Pocket Casts.


Put your username (or email whichever lets you sign in) in for UUUUUUU and your password in for XXXXXXX. if your password or username uses special charectes (:/#?&@%+ or spaces) use this site to replace that in your password (p@ssword becomes pa%40word)

Nevermind. It works with Zune on PC but for Pocket Casts it redirects to the standard bombcast feed. I'll keep tinkering,

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As far as Pocketcasts goes, password protected podcasts are currently not supported (support page). Until it gets added we're supposed to ask if encoding the user credentials is possible in the feed url.

Thanks for temporarily disabling the authentication. It was convenient and you guys are pretty awesome for sneaking that out there.

A workaround for Pocketcasts until updates happen. Manually download the mp3s for Premium Whiskey and place them in the Pocketcasts/custom_episodes folder. This will allow them to show up in the app for smart and custom playlists and auto delete from your phone if that's how you roll.

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I just had a similar email arrive. It's the same format as the seaserpent activation email I received back in December. It looks like it's just a small bug, but I still don't want to click it.

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Duder, It's over.

I feel like I should've picked up a giftable copy or two.

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I've had it since launch, but am interested in another playthrough as either Zero or Maya. I tend to work until 10:30pm US Eastern. I'm weavminas on steam, but I am busy tonight if that breaks it for you.

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I have several game soundtracks on my phone that I listen to on a regular basis. Bastion, Borderlands 1 & 2, Shank, and the Portal compilations are great. The problem is sometimes game soundtracks don't make good albums because they have several relatively short loops being dynamically mixed.

In some games the soundtrack doesn't stick out to me or over the course of 30+ hours the impact is lessened. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to put the theme from Cosmo Canyon on loop.