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I'm gonna check out some gameplay videos of FarCry 2 and see if I like it any more than my initial impressions.

Posted by JonnyAvacado

Great Blog man, I am going to check out Left 4 Dead right after I finish this comment. 
Mirrors Edge I agree, this game looks amazing.
Can't wait for Dead Space...I am thinking it will tide me over until RE5.

Sorry I haven't been commenting on your blogs buddy, I can't watch YouTube at work.  Unfortunately thats when I do most of my commenting. 

Keep em coming...P.S. I am going to pick up Silent Hill Homecoming now..I wanted it so bad, after the reviews I was a little skeptical..but no more!

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Far Cry 2 and Fallout 3 are still my top 2 games to get currently. I still dont get Littlebigplanet, what do you do in it? I want to know more about this game before I join the "I REALLY WANT LITTLEBIGPLANET" club. I might rent Silent Hill Homecoming but I am not sure and Fracture has never looked interesting to me. I bought clubhouse games a long time ago and its still fun.

Posted by EightBitWarrior

You made a good point on Left4Dead. Valve, they're awesome.

Good stuff there buddy, you know I'm always watching.
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Far Cry 2, Fallout 3, Mirrors Edge and LBP... OMG, sooo many great titles and SOOO little time! Great VLOG!

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I like your list! I'm probably not going to get any game after GH: WT gets shipped to me. Well, I might get some closer to Christmas but that'd be it. Hope you enjoy your new games!

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So Sonic Chronicles is decent. I guess that's good then. I've been looking forward to playing that game for a while now.

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Loved the beta. Played it for 5 minutes, and I had seen enough. It was that good. 

Nice list, like yours mine is really really long. And I know I won't be able to get all of them. Buts its always fun to have a list. 
Posted by AndyWilliams24

I've kinda missed you contributing regularly in a kinda weird way. Mow Plz.

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There are a ton of great-looking games coming out this year. Farcry 2 is definitely on my radar as well as Fable 2. I'm kind of disappointed that the online co-op won't come with the retail disc.

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L4D! Zombie team! We need to form one.