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nom nom nom Pizza

Alone in The Dark is pretty neat so far (I'm on the third episode). It DOES have some weird glitches here and there but it's nothing I can't overlook.  XDDDDD

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I want some cheetos.

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I think that you expressed you thought about Obama and McCain very well.
Obama '08!  : D
Good Video though.

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I wish I would have known about the WaW beta before it started, oh well. I'll probably grab that game after I play all the exciting games this year.

I agree with most of your political views. However, I don't really think Nader is that much of a nut job. The fact that there are emissions laws and seat belts in every car you can give most of the credit for those to Ralph Nader. I actually voted for him in '04. I consider myself an independent, but I'm voting Democrat this election.

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I'm really liking the beta too.

Oh, and GO OBAMA!

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Thats a cool set up for your room, I was thinking of doing something similar to that.
I am not gonna give my opinion on this crappy presidential election (well I guess that was an opinion). I just want the election to be over already so i don't have to hear 2 idiots talk, when it's over I only have to hear 1 idiot talk.

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I took that test as well and #1 was McCain and #2 was Obama. So I'm more moderate. I'm the same way politically but if I could vote (I'll miss it by a year) I would vote for McCain. But, that's your opinion and I'm not going to argue with you about it. Also, I was part of their website and I didn't get a beta code!!

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I don't know, Wesker... I played both Alone in the Dark and Silent Hill: Homecoming and thought that they were both pretty terrible (although, Silent Hill was leaps and bounds better than Alone in the Dark). Thought that most of the reviews were right on the money.