I Wanna Be The Very Best, Part 1

There are a whole lot more than shown here.

I like Pokemon. I have played at least one game from each main generation of Pokemon games, trained a number of my favorites for competitive battle, and spent quite a lot of time with the series in general. There’s one thing I haven’t done though, and I intend to right that wrong. I am going to obtain every Pokemon in the world.

So, when this idea finally sunk in as something I was going to do, I had to do some preparation, and I thought I would start what I intend to be an ongoing series with an entry about some of that. What did I really want to do? How was I going to do it? In terms of ‘what’, here’s where I've landed.

  1. The ultimate goal is to play X/Y when they release, and after completing the campaign, to get every Pokemon into that one save file.

  2. The goal is to actually own one of EVERY type of Pokemon. I don’t just want the data, and I don’t just want the most evolved form of everything. I want it all. I want Charmander, Charmeleon, and Charizard.

  3. This probably goes without saying, but I’m not going to just hack my way to owning everything. I won’t use any software outside of Pokemon games.

    1. The one exception to this rule is for “Event only” Pokemon that are not obtainable through the GTS, which I believe is just 3 of them. Luckily I have a friend who gave me these Pokemon as I was getting started in this process. I’m not going to ask if they are legit or not.

    2. Emerald cloning is totally legit :)

So, with those goals in mind, how was I going to accomplish this? Well, I needed to take inventory, and I needed to get organized. So I created the ultimate organizational tool - a Google Drive spreadsheet. Setting up the list took time, filling in actual data took even longer, but I think I have it set up in a way that is simple and helpful. The most important thing was that I could clearly show every Pokemon and whether I owned them. After some thought I added Category and Number to the fields.

Spreadsheets solve everything.

Number will be helpful in planning out how I’m going to get Pokemon with 3 forms in particular. If I only have the highest form of 3, it might be best to breed 2 of the lowest form and evolve one of them. Category is useful because I can basically break the whole list up by general difficulty of obtaining. Commons and Common Evos are the easiest, Starters and Starter Evos are harder, and Legendaries are the hardest. One early thought I had using these categories was that it would be nice to make sure I have all the Commons I need early on, which would fill out a lot of the bulk. From there it would be evolving and obtaining the more difficult ones.

I had, after finishing White, moved almost everything from all of my Pokemon games all the way up. So I had a head start in my collection. I don’t know the exact number when I started this process, but I think after filling in the spreadsheet I had around 300 of the 649 different Pokemon types. Not bad.

Also something to take into consideration was what games I have available to me. I don’t want to have to buy any more Pokemon games for this if I can help it - I think I've bought more than enough. I currently own copies of:

- Fire Red

- Heart Gold and Soul Silver

- Emerald

- Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum

- White, and a Japanese version of Black

I skipped Black 2 and White 2 because I just didn't feel like playing more Pokemon after White for a while. They also seemed pretty dull in general. Basically, I should have everything I need, its just going to be some amount (probably a lot) of switching between games and trading up to White.

So that’s basically it. I’m early in the process, so I thought I’d take some time to write about how this started, and I plan to have occasional updates when I have anything interesting to say about it. Between starting and getting to what I’ll cover in the next entry (the Legendaries of Emerald), I mostly focused on breeding Pokemon that I had the higher forms of, and not the lower forms. This is an easy way to fill out my collection from what I already have. Stay tuned, as there will be plenty of Pokemon adventures to come - this is going to take a while.

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If your going to have a blog like this, you got to have this song...

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@falserelic: I figured the title was enough of a reference for people :)

Glad you posted this here for people to enjoy though. Now that song will be stuck in my head all day.

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So you're essentially running a Pokemill? Am I gonna boot up Pokemon Channel and see twelve Officer Jennies carrying emaciated Cyndaquils away while you're sitting in the back of a police car?

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The only game I was ever able to fill up the Pokedex in was Yellow. Closest I've come since then was in Diamond where I had 420-ish.

I don't seem to have gotten far enough into Black 2 yet to be able to move Pokemon over from the old games, I'm thinking I should do that before X/Y hits though.

I don't think I'll ever try to "catch em all" again but I would like to keep my main teams, as well as any legendaries I come across, moving up from game to game.

Edit: I should say that back in Diamond I did some crazy shit to try to collect as many as possible, such as buying a copy of Fire red and playing through it, catching all the Legendary Birds, as well as replaying Sapphire to finally get my hands on the three Golems that would let me unlock Regigas. It's another reason why I want to keep passing those legendaries forward.

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@video_game_king: We can only hope someone catches this madman before it's too late!

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Just came in here to say that the theme song started playing in my head the moment I saw the thread title.

For me it was this version though:

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That's really cool, and it's also what I've kind of been doing. One tip I have is that as long as you can get someone to trade you two of the first generation starters you don't need to play FireRed in addition to HeartGold/SoulSilver.

By the way, what are the event pokemon that can't be traded through the GTS?

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Why does the singer constantly sound like he's out of breath?

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Good luck. When you're done you can start working on getting them all up to lvl 100! That should be fun.

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Why does the singer constantly sound like he's out of breath?

I don't think he sounds like that. It's the english version that sounds weird to me.

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Yea, but that one sounds more like the singer is trying to be Michael Jackson.

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Ditto will be your best friend to do this.

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@tonylope said:

By the way, what are the event pokemon that can't be traded through the GTS?

My understanding is that Keldeo, Meloetta, and Genesect can't be traded over GTS. I think they were the last Gen 5 Legendaries that were distributed through Nintendo Events. I could be wrong on that though - I should check sometime to make sure.

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@nakattack: I've basically got a Ditto sitting in the daycare on permanent stay :)

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Well, good luck, friend! I once shared the same dream but got pretty discouraged once I realized I missed my chance at the rare event pokemon. I do boot up the original version occasionally, but then I also remember I don't have the transfer link cable thing OR Blue version...so once again, good luck! Hope you get em all!