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A Slice of Raiden: Rising Above Most Side Stories 0

As a franchise, Metal Gear Solid is not afraid of compressing a wealth of exposition in their games, even those considered to be side stories. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance tells a short (but dense) story of what happened to MGS2 protagonist and MGS4 sidekick Raiden some years after the events of MGS4, though it does so in a very different style than other entries in the franchise. It is a third-person character action game, in a similar gameplay vein of developer Platinum Games’s Bayonetta, bu...

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Do Not Adjust Your Set: Persona 4 Arena is Mostly Great 0

As a fan of the Persona series, I love the art design, sound work, and the general gameplay conceit of evoking demons in a dungeon. As a fan of the Street Fighter games, I like the competitive "Get Hype" adrenaline rush that comes with matching up against other fighters, combo systems that aren't too confusing and provide unique moves, and the (admittedly) strange conceit of telling the story of the same fighting tournament that's been happening for years. Two great flavors that could taste grea...

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Dissidia Cross DDR Compilation Album 0

For RPG fans, the score of most Final Fantasy games is appropriately orchestral and exciting. Through the whole franchise, main theme music and battle hymns follow similar musical patterns, but actually feature different styles that have always fit into the context of the game's characters - ranging from the manic Dancing Mad when fighting Kefka in Final Fantasy VI to the futuristic sound of The Man With The Machine Gun in Final Fantasy VIII. Until now, for fans of the songs in these games, ther...

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Alan Wake's new nightmare isn't all that it seems 0

It's hard to imagine many games that I would want less gameplay but more story involvement in, but if you've been following Remedy games for a while, you know that their penchant for gritty near-noir type settings and dark, imperfect protagonists is best-in-class. The combat always just feels a bit off, even for the people who made bullet time such a popular concept.The next chapter in Alan Wake's saga is more combat than maybe fans of the first game might want, but is ultimately worth it to see...

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