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for you Archie Bell and Drells fans out there: "Its time to do the Titan up!"

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I love that game. With a few UI tweaks here and there and a button to tell your pawns to shaddup once in awhile it could be greatness.

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This still seems to be broken for me. Just checking if they are still working on it or if its on my end.

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@seppli: Looks like just the guns and no attachments

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Is anyone going to try these things? I'm kinda on the fence about it. This week the free pack for everyone is for the pistols (Premium members can aslo get DMR shortcut pack) and next week is Grenades (and shotguns for Premi's). I kinda would like to get through the pistols and not have to worry about trying to use them a lot but I kind of feel guilty doing it. But then again its for somthing I rarely use. I was wondering if anyone else is gonna do it.

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Road to Evo: Watch as Jeff trains to become a SSFIV:AE 2012 competitor and tries to make it to top 8!

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yarrrrrrrr me uplay ID be matsuocsr

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Its the Only JRPG that I've ever played through the entire game twice. Once on the Xbox and once on the PS3. One of my favorite games ever.

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shit now a I may have to buy a Wiiu now

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Could I get a hat please?