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any spare PS4 or Xbones (the console and not codes for)? thought I'd try

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@corruptedevil: dammit I watched that video like 30 times in row thanks to you! If only I could find a working link to the mp3

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dont know if this is related or not but its 2:45 am and i gotta pretty good buzz goin

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If someone said "Hey lets go out for a pie" I'd say "Ok lets get apple pie." Not "Ok I'm up for a 'roni 'za!"

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Do people like the whole action MMORPG thing? I think I'm starting to miss the old way of having auto attack and a lot of spells and combat abilities to use over this action oriented style of play. I guess it just kinda bugs me only having like 5 spells slotted when I have a lot of cool things I could be using especially in this game since there is no class locks on weapons and gear. I think SWTOR is good in between of the old school style and the action style like ESO, Neverwinter and Tera.

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for you Archie Bell and Drells fans out there: "Its time to do the Titan up!"

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I love that game. With a few UI tweaks here and there and a button to tell your pawns to shaddup once in awhile it could be greatness.

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This still seems to be broken for me. Just checking if they are still working on it or if its on my end.

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@seppli: Looks like just the guns and no attachments