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The queues on Ezi weren't bad around 1:00pm EST today. Only about a 15 minute wait. But once you got in all Human starting area was waaaaaay over populated which kinda of sucks. The cat people area not so bad. Though with all the people around it still runs great.

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They should re do the first game with the other two game's art style

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I sent a request on the PC side. Dont know if its full or if anyone is checking it these days.

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any spare PS4 or Xbones (the console and not codes for)? thought I'd try

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@corruptedevil: dammit I watched that video like 30 times in row thanks to you! If only I could find a working link to the mp3

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dont know if this is related or not but its 2:45 am and i gotta pretty good buzz goin

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If someone said "Hey lets go out for a pie" I'd say "Ok lets get apple pie." Not "Ok I'm up for a 'roni 'za!"

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Do people like the whole action MMORPG thing? I think I'm starting to miss the old way of having auto attack and a lot of spells and combat abilities to use over this action oriented style of play. I guess it just kinda bugs me only having like 5 spells slotted when I have a lot of cool things I could be using especially in this game since there is no class locks on weapons and gear. I think SWTOR is good in between of the old school style and the action style like ESO, Neverwinter and Tera.

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for you Archie Bell and Drells fans out there: "Its time to do the Titan up!"