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Dude, awesome response and all very, very valid points of which I would agree on - bar one


I'm not up in arms over this, I stated that I thought it was tasteless, if I was ranting on how they were " Misogynistic paedophile peddlers of hate" and this game should be banned, yadda yadda yadda then yes, I'd call that up in arms but  I mearly stated tastless, which I think that the trailer i'm talking about was.  They could have captured my emotions in a totally different way than the way they did.


But thanks for the well thought through and constructive reply.

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So, in your opinion the trailer was infact quite tastefull, and proceeded to make the point it wanted in the only way possible? 

And there was no other way to make the point they were aiming for without using a child?  Regardless if it was CG, or as stated by you "Its not like its even a real person" doesn't change the principal.  By your own admission, anything that is not "real" but based upon realism is fair game.  Thats a pretty wide and dangerous arc to be stating.


I am not the worst kind of person.  Unfortunatley, you on the other hand, are the type of person who just doesn't get it.  I get the feeling you don't have kids and as such, you just don't have an idea of the thoughts that go through a parents mind daily.   And  if you do have kids, and you don't see the issue.....wow.

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Regardless of what Dead Island will offer, and though personally i'm not so soft skinned as to get pissy and hissy over the trailer, it was none the less quite tasteless to use a child in that manner - even though rumour has it they will not use children and it was a different company that made the trailer, they still released it.  I really think they should have market tested prior, unless they were gunning for the majority response they got.



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Fair comments, thanks for the input.  When you say "Semi Decent speaking voice" what exactly do you mean?  Clarity, pronunciation, speed or accent?