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MMX8 is fun stuff.

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Mega Man X8 is the shit son.  The new DSi looks awesome dude, congrats!

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Mega manX8 damn thats briggin back some awesome memories.

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Nice. Huge upgrade over the original DS. Definitely worth it.

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I hate not getting the manual too. ~_~; So annoying. Lately it seems like half of the used games don't even have their covers. And recently, I bought what was supposed to be a new game at GameStop, and it didn't have the manual. But it was something I'd been looking for forever so I bought it anyway. It seriously upset me. HeH. But my Mom found a site you can order booklets and stuff for lots of games. So I went ahead and ordered it. Came really fast...  Kind of expensive, though. Still I get OCD about that kind of stuff...

Uh, anyways. Stumbled on your videos and felt compelled to throw that in. ^_^;