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Shit's down, yo.

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It would probably work. I had one quite a while back. I'm pretty sure it's a joystick connector, any computer built in the last 5-6 years probably doesn't have the correct port. You will either need a converter (to usb, probably), or just pick up a new joystick.

It's a nice joystick though.

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I have loved my Giant Bomb hoodie since the day I got it. Having loved it so hard, it is quite literally FALLING APART! The sleeves are shredding, the print of Luchadeer cracking, all sorts of unpleasantness.
More toward the Whiskey Media people, can we get another round of hoodies? 
This thread shall be for community support (+1 to idea and such) as well as possible designs?

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Ho, Giant Bomb.
So, I've got an itch for some SSFIVAE on PC. However, I am low on USD at the moment, but happen to have a large stock of Microsoft Points (AKA Space Bucks) from when I found some points cards on sale. 
My question is: does anyone know if this game will be on the Games for Windows Live Marketplace so I can use those spacebucks to buy it?
The newest release they have is Alice: Madness Returns
I know it's a stupid reason to hold out, and I know the GFWL Marketplace is usually pretty scorned, but I feel I can make an exception.
This here blog post by Sven over at Capcom Unity says that there are 16 other distributors. I imagine GFWL Marketplace is one of those, right?
Is there some sort of time-exclusive deal going on?

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I agree! I have all the tables. I also would love some more people on my friends leaderboards...
GT: Yit64

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Which one do YOU recommend? 
I don't want this to be a singular "what do I get" thread, I get an answer, and it dies. Feel free to post thoughts and opinions on your new board! The Generic Keyboard thread GOOOOO!

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Please come watch!

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I fired up SC2 for some early, before-school matches, and it said b.net was going down for the majority of the day. 1.1 was supposed to come out mid-September, and Tuesday is Blizzard's usual patch day. 
It's not confirmed, but it's certainly likely.

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Also encountered on FF4 Beta 3, windows 7 x64.