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I fucking adore this game

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+10 Falchion, love the moveset

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I guarantee you that once you start playing it you will stop giving a shit about this

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First? Not necessarily, but I think you should at some point. I think Dark Souls was a masterpiece.

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This is pretty obviously a troll

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@nights said:

@wemibelec90 said:

My enjoyment of stealth games now seems to stem from whether or not there is a mechanic in place to see through walls and observe guard patrol patterns. Without this, I feel I too often stumble into a guard I wasn't expecting and am immediately frustrated.

This is why I hate most modern stealth games.

Level up your situational awareness, son. I'm doing a "Mostly Flesh and Steel" run of Dishonored and I'm having no such problems. There's a good reason why most stealth games give you a way to peek around corners and under doors.

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My expectations are high to the peak of being frustrating: I'll be disappointed even if it is a masterpiece. I am a fool for loving Dark Souls as much as I do.

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I hope this means they will be going back to the days when their games had fun gameplay

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Am I the only person who is going to try out the new archery system?

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You must have a really weird definition of 'exploited'