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I loved it. Objectively, it definitely had some major issues (overly-long tutorial; too much hand-holding in general; excessively linear at times; some redundant exploration/items), but it was probably still my favourite game of 2011.

(Potential spoilers ahead!)

The whole experience felt like a celebration of the entire Zelda franchise up until that point. I loved the way it set up the overall timeline (yes, I'm one of those people; sorry), especially through its ending. Narratively, Groose had almost Midna-levels of actual character growth, and Link and Zelda displayed a stronger relationship dynamic than in most entries in the series. Ghirahim was also an interesting antagonist (the parallels between him and Fi, with him being a "dark" Master Sword for Demise, were a neat touch), and I particularly liked how his voice samples reminded me of Ryusei Nakao (the Japanese voice for Dragonball's Freeza). The music and art-style were just majestic throughout, though the latter could have really used an HD coat of paint - it looks gorgeous in Dolphin!

On the gameplay side of things, the inclusion of a stamina meter for running added some cool new twists to dungeons. And though the dungeons themselves were a little easier, the approach to each temple was practically a dungeon in itself. It was unfortunate to see so much recycled content in the last third of the main quest (before the true end-game), though I did enjoy the smart re-use of Elden Volcano. Unlike most of the Internet (apparently?), I had next to no problems with the motion controls, but it should be mentioned that I also thought that about Trauma Center: Second Opinion on the Wii. I might just be crazy.

Curiously, much like Twilight Princess, I think the main problems in Skyward Sword can be "fixed" fairly easily, too; just remove the bazillion tutorials/hints in Hero Mode (which should be available from the beginning for Zelda veterans), and re-balance the use of certain items. I do wonder what the game would have been like with another couple of months of development (mostly to tweak dungeons/add more overworld content).

All that said, it's probably still in my top five(ish) Zelda games. Now, where in that ranking I'd put it is under great debate. ;) If the next Zelda can take the best aspects of Skyward Sword and fuse them with the forward-thinking revisions in A Link Between Worlds, I reckon we're in for something pretty special with the Wii U's "Zelda meets Skyrim".

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Requisite Father Ted clip.

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@chrisharris: Yeah, I was absolutely certain we were getting 60FPS! Maybe @mb captured that while the stream was still in "auto" and buffering?

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Though as far as I know, GB videos are still 30 fps.

Huh, really? I'm 99% certain that HD GB videos are 60 fps, and have been for at least the last six months. It seemed obvious immediately, but I'm pretty sensitive to framerate changes! I noticed the change around the start of Brad's DOTA streams, I think?

As for Dark Souls 2 looking smooth, according to Eurogamer, the game actually makes it up to 40FPS on the 360. The PS3 version runs closer to 30FPS, but has V-Sync enabled most of the time, so there's no nasty tearing... which was driving me insane in gameplay videos of the 360 version, but I'm a little crazy.

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There are some core tenants of Steam you're missing if you think it and the Xbox One are the same.

  1. Steam has crazy, crazy sales - As has been mentioned, you can typically get games on Steam for 75% off within a couple of months of their release, or even quicker if you shop around for a key from somewhere like Green Man Gaming. Case in point: I got Tomb Raider for £13 about a month after it came out, and DmC for £12 two weeks after it came out. And don't get me started on the frankly insane holiday sales and packages. Over the last few years (and with the help of things like the Humble Bundle), my Steam library has reached over 300 games, and I can almost guarantee I've spent less than most people spend on a couple of full-priced console games a year.
  2. Steam has a proper offline mode - Instead of signing in to an online connection every 24 hours, Steam offers a full offline-mode with (I believe) up to 30 days of play before requiring a connection. But not only that, you can legally make a backup of all your licensed games to hard-copy through Steam's official backup utility, so you can stick a bunch of games on some DVD-Rs or BD-Rs if you're worried about digital-only.
  3. Steam =/= the whole of the PC platform - Microsoft will (with the assistance of publishers) control game costs on the Xbox One. With the PC, if you don't like Steam, you can choose to shop elsewhere. offers completely DRM-free games at great prices (and even some new and Indie titles), while there's competition in the form of Green Man Gaming, Amazon's Digital Download service, Origin (yes, sometimes even EA have sales), etc.
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@batmeng said:

@swaney: Do you really believe Kojima went and got Kiefer Sutherland to pretend he's gonna voice Snake in the next MGS in a fake announcement video at an attempt to arrange an ELABORATE RUSE? That's insane.

Thinking it through like that, yeah, it sounds insane. But if Kiefer is portraying someone else in the game? Not so much.

I'm not saying Kiefer Sutherland won't play Big Boss, but remember, this is Kojima we're talking about. The studio put together quite a bit of fake MGS2 footage to fool everyone with the reveal of Raiden. He's a master troll! ;)

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@fourwude said:

I haven't read Tom McShea's review.

I haven't played The Last of Us. Nor do I intend to.

I don't even fucking own a PS3.

But I'm an angry mofo. And I'm angry about something. How dare Tom McShea give a game I'm not interested in, nor have any intention of playing, nor own the fucking console to run it less than what I believe it should have got. How dare he. This is an insult to me. My family. My character. My lineage. My beliefs. My existence. It is Tom McShea that has made this personal. And I intend to let him know about it.

I'm staying the heck away from this whole ridiculous topic, but I just wanted to say that I read this in Matt Berry's voice after seeing your avatar. ;)


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I'm expecting them to get rid of the 8GB white model for a 32GB white model that's identical to the current black Wii U deluxe. The only distinction I'm expecting is with the packaged software. The current deluxe model retaining Nintendo Land, the white 32GB Wii U having New Super Mario Bros. U as the packaged title.

That way they avoid reducing the price while trying to entice people until Fall 2013. That's when they can use bundles (like a Mario Kart U bundle) instead. I know people are expecting a price drop despite Iwata stressing that they were not going to do that; so I think this is what'll happen instead.

Just to add to this, Nintendo of Japan (along with announcing some accessories) announced a Wii U Premium in white, so they're definitely being manufactured. I could see a switch-up with the bundled software for the West.

I'm happy for whatever adds momentum to Wii U sales. I actually think it's a super neat console with some cool ideas (Miiverse) that just needs a little OS cleanup and, of course, some damn games. I'm looking forward to the potential Fall line-up, hopefully with some kind of Wind Waker HD bundle I can jump on.

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@AlKusanagi said:

I could have sworn that other than GB, this game was widely reviewed poorly.

The European press seemed far more pleased/interested with the final game, with Eurogamer giving it a really positive review.

Most of my online friends who have reacted positively to ZombiU seem to be rogue-like or classic Resident Evil enthusiasts looking for an old-school kick. I haven't played the game, but I think I'll try and find a cheap copy eventually when I pick up a Wii U. :)

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@Arath said:

And people go mental...

Seriously though reading reactions around the internet, is crazy. People ask Nintendo to do something new, they announce nothing more but a HD remake and franchise sequels and now everybody is frothing at the mouth... I guess people cannot be expected to actually in action reflect their opinions.

To be fair, they announced several new, cool-looking games, including an amazing-looking Xenoblade follow-up, too.