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@cowman basically has the right of it; depending on what Genesis/MD model you're connecting the 32X to, you'll have to make sure it's hooked up right with the correct connector cable. The 32X basically borrows the Genesis itself for certain display elements... I remember the AVGN episode where he ran into the same issue with Primal Rage! Check it out at about four minutes in:

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Some discussion with others with the same problem can be found here, and there's some detailed information about the cable types here.

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Is this the video you're looking for, duder?

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Relaying some thoughts from elsewhere: with Toriyama overseeing it, and the better balancing between early-Dragon Ball humour and epic fights we had in Battle of Gods (maybe slightly less so in Resurrection of F), I'm (very) cautiously optimistic about this. We know it takes place after those and Z, but I wonder if it'll last long enough to completely eliminate the anime-only GT from the timeline (which wasn't really canon, anyway, despite Toriyama supposedly contributing one or two design ideas).

If I had to guess, I suspect a large portion of the plot will concern the revelation from Battle of Gods that everything that happened in Dragon Ball/Z took place in only one of the twelve (!) total universes. It'll also be interesting to see if Toriyama incorporates any story elements that he used for Dragon Ball Minus, Xenoverse or the now-defunct Dragon Ball Online (such as the altered back-story for Bardock, the Time Patrol, or Son Gohan writing a book about Ki use for the general population of Earth), though most of those ideas happened way later in the timeline.

It's a shame to already hear people on Kotaku and elsewhere complaining about Masako Nozawa returning as Son Goku. It's fine if you don't think the actress suits "TOUGH MANLY Goku", but for many of us who watched her throughout DB/Z, she is Son Goku. You'll probably get it dubbed with Sean Schemmel anyway, so I don't know what the problem is; nobody seems to care that Luffy is voiced by a woman, and that character is practically a modern day Son Goku, anyway.

Personally, I'm disappointed that we haven't heard anything about Shunsuke Kikiuchi (original primary composer for DB/Z/the early movies in Japan) bringing back his iconic score, but I guess he is 83, now. He didn't do anything new for Kai. And I'm not surprised at how many American fans want Faulconer back (his BGM wasn't to my taste, especially when you consider the context of the original DB series, though I understand why people like it), but... sorry, he was only ever hired in the first place because dubbing was very different back then ("THEM KIDS LOVE THE TECHNO ROCK" and "Screw accuracy! We can't have silence here!"), so I suspect Funimation is more than happy to just use any new Japanese BGM. On the plus side, I hear Funimation's dubs are more accurate these days?

Anyway, yes. Cautiously optimistic.

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As a big RE fan (who cares too much about its silly lore for my own good), I wish you the best of luck on your endeavor!

I feel that REmake and RE4 represent the best of their particular styles, but RE2 (or arguably Code Veronica X) and RE5 are close seconds for me.

And then there are the games that have issues, but some super interesting ideas, like the Chronicles games and the Outbreak series (the latter of which is a bit of a mess, now, but was incredibly ambitious at the time and probably deserves a modern interpretation).

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I beat that first one-eyed golem equipped like this. That felt alright.

Your username makes this so much better!

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What the heck, I'll throw my hat in for a chance at a free key as well. Thanks!

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Oh burn, etc. ;)

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@young_scott: I mean people that just got into it that weren't like 8 or something. Random 30 year old that has limited interest in Anime suddenly being swept away by the phrase "On the next Dragon Ball Z" and 23 minutes of powering up seems a tad unlikely.

Ah, that's a fairer point. Still, I've introduced actual adults to the series and they've enjoyed it, but they've had the interest/patience to sit through a long-running shonen anime beforehand, and I always made them start from DB, and usually stick with the Japanese version (more accurate script, use of silence sometimes, et all). But I do see your point.

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@fredchuckdave: This very thread just showed that several people (including myself) do. I would never argue that it's the peak of anime, but I enjoy DB/Z in Japanese, unironically. They're fun (if flawed RE: pacing etc.) adaptations of a campy/silly/awesome/influential/fun shonen manga.

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If he was willing to commit the time to watch all of Kai I bet he'd enjoy it a lot. Although he'd miss out on the superior Faulconer soundtrack.

I agree. Kai did a good job of getting rid of the unnecessary filler. I think he would like it especially since he is always complaining about WWE writing being below his expectations and maybe DBZ would fill that due to it not being constrained by wrestlers' abilities. It has the right amount of stupidity and childishness that I think he would enjoy. I would love to hear his thoughts on it, but I don't think he is going to give it a try unfortunately :(

This is absolutely, 100% subjective. Coming from unabashedly loving both Dragonball/Z in Japanese (I know, the series is ultimately flawed/silly, but I love it), I literally can't watch the shows anymore without the original audio track and Shunsuke Kikuchi's score. That said, I have nothing against fans of Faulconer's score, and Dan would proooobably prefer its rock synths over Kikuchi's campy/majestic orchestral/80's J-rock/blues. But who knows!

Kai's an interesting one! In theory, removing the filler and sticking closer to the manga is a winning combination, but I have a lot of issues with how it was edited early on (though it did get closer later), and I kind of miss some of the "good" filler it removed (i.e. time spent between Piccolo and Gohan, or the stories inspired by Toriyama, like the infamous episode where Piccolo and Son Goku have to earn a driving licence). Add to that the confusing Yamamoto score/partial Kikuchi BGM score situation, and you have what feels like a bit of a production mess sometimes. I do hear the English dub is more accurate at least, but I wouldn't know.

I'm also going to generally recommend Dragon Ball (not Z) to fans of fun Shonen in general, since it doesn't get enough love. Even if there's a tonal shift in Z, it was all one manga and practically one production in Japan (for both anime), anyway. Ignoring DB's arguably stronger comedy and the time given to side-characters, some of those early fights (Son Goku VS Jackie Chun; Goku VS Taopaipai; everything at the 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai and once Daimao turns up) and training montages/lessons (Son Goku and Kuririn with Roshi; Goku training with Kami-sama/Popo; Goku learning what "ki" is from Muten Mutaito (filler); Yamucha and Kuririn training with Tenshinhan and Chautzu) are pretty awesome.

But back on topic, Dan would probably love Mr. Satan, yep. Toriyama intentionally designed him as a spoof of wrestlers/superheroes/showmanship, and his name is freakin' MISTER SATAN ("SA-TA-N!~"), for goodness sake. He named his daughter after the devil. He's a total fraud who claims victory over the god-like villains who frequently threaten Earth, and has a city named after him. That said, I guess he is strong enough to pull a couple of buses, which still pretty strong if you think about it.