The NERV Project - And the Idiots behind it.

Today, Belonpopo and I have begun a very tedious project.
We plan to build the NERV headquarters from Neon Genesis Evangelion
The current part we are working on, is the MAGI room. It will become a 40,000+ block room at the end of the mining.
Future Additions 

  • EVA garage
  • Housing Complex (recreation of Rei's and/or Shinji's room)
  • Other NERV rooms
This blog will be updated daily with new pictures and stories we have upon building this project. 

Second Day:

We finished the mining! We decided not to have it the entire length, and expand only when we need to, so it was only 31,000 some blocks mined (though still a hefty amount I may say). 
  • Picture at bottom
I came up with an interesting way to get rid of all our cobblestone: We had this lava pool, and I put a tool bench over it. When you put the cobblestone in the tool bench, press 'I', and escape, all the cobblestone fell out of the tool bench and straight into the lava, getting destroyed instantly .
We will begin the main part of constructing tomorrow, so wait for tomorrow's update for any pictures of the actual building.

Third Day

We started with the right half of the main building. We have the: walkway, 'Vice Command center', and most of the hologram completed.
The only thing we have problems with, is we want the glass on the 2nd layer of the hologram to be red. But you can't exactly put redstone on glass, anyone have any tips?

 NOTE: This is planned to be a private project. The server we are building this is, will become available on this blog once we are finished. DO NOT ASK TO HELP PLEASE.
ALSO NOTE: No other programs asides from Minecraft, are being used to build this. This is a hand-made design.


Day 1- Start of something stupid
 What it will become
 Day 2- Finished Mining


Building Process

 Hologram w/ 2nd layer
 Hologram - No 2nd layer


Finished Results


The NERV Project - And the Idiots behind it.

Today, Belonpopo and I, have begun a long and tedious project that will take place in my private server over the course of the next month.
We have begun building NERV headquarters from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
We have barely scratched the surface of what will be an enormous layout, and have the basic shape of what will become the MAGI room.

  • The room will become a 45,000+ block room after all the mining.
I will be updating this blog daily, with new pictures and any funny stories that we have while we build this.
Future Rooms may include:
  • Room housing Adam
  • EVA garage
  • Small apartment complex (replica of Shinji's or Rei's rooms)
PLEASE NOTE: We plan on building this BY OURSELVES. Do NOT ask if you can have the IP of my server, for I will not reveal it until we are completely finished for those who wish to view the finished creation 
ALSO NOTE: This is being done completely by hand, no programs other than Minecraft itself is being used.  


 Current Progress
 What it will be

New Computer

So recently, my desktop that I've had for 4 years went and quit on me. The motherboard is fried and I think I'm gonna have to update the whole thing eventually. 
This actually got me excited since now, I can finally get myself a true gaming computer: nice processor, quality graphics card, and LOTS of RAM.
I think I've finally set up a  nice custom PC and my specs will include:
-3.33 GHz Intel Core i5 Processor w/ motherboard
-nVidia GTS250 graphics card
-4GB o' RAM
All that, and I might throw in a new case and 700W power supply, so that the computer actually stays cool...