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A Bold Step Forward for the Modern JRPG 0

It should be no secret to anyone that the Japanese RPG has seen better days. Once upon a time, it was the genre of choice to deliver sweeping epics full deep characters, magical worlds, and riveting tales. Challenging mechanics, like random encounters and classic turn-based combat, were seen as sophisticated; fighting for the thinking man. But in a crowded, Western-dominated industry full of grand setpieces and increasingly cinematic gameplay, the 100-hour Japanese epic comes off as a ponderous ...

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Swift's Latest Charms, But Never Wows 0

In August 2011, I was lucky enough to actually be in the same room as Kim Swift when she announced Quantum Conundrum at PAX Prime. Swift, the genius behind Portal, admitted that first-person puzzlers were “kind of her thing,” and that this new title would not deviate far from the successful format she pioneered. This is both Quantum Conundrum’s greatest boon and its heaviest hindrance: the familiar design is still fantastic, but it is impossible to judge the game in a pre-2007 vacuum. For all of...

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A Hollow Campaign Partially Redeemed by Engaging Gunplay 0

Ditching the hoodie and blazer for a t-shirt and plaid get-up, Alan Wake returns for a downloadable sequel to his 2010 debut. American Nightmare is a far cry from the “psychological action thriller” that was his first game, opting to sacrifice horror for the sake of greater gunplay. Remedy made a good move by expanding upon the celebrated combat mechanics, but an overall lack of engaging content—exemplified by repetitive environments and an unexciting supporting cast—drags down the experience.Ta...

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"Journey" Defines Simple Beauty 0

Following up on the success of 2009 sleeper hit Flower, Thatgamecompany returns to the PlayStation Network to deliver another truly unique title to the platform. Journey puts players in the shoes of a mysterious hooded figure tasked with traversing a seemingly endless desert expanse, uncovering ancient ruins and meeting strangers along the way. Exceptionally paced and tirelessly polished, it punches well above its weight for its $15 price point. Journey is a subtle, yet powerful, example of what...

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