First Nuzlocke Challenge

I have decided to start a Nuzlocke Challenge. If you want to go in-depth on what a Nuzlocke Challenge is, check it out HERE and HERE. But here’s the basics;

The Nuzlocke Challenge is a self imposed challenge for the pokemon games, it has two main rules:

1 – If a pokemon faints it’s gone forever and you must release it

2 – You can only catch the first pokemon you see in each area. If it dies or you run out of pokeballs, too bad

With those two main rules in place. I’m also using 2 more rules, and 3 clauses.

My two added rules are;

1 – You must nickname all pokemon

This is done so that there is an added attachment to each and every pokemon caught and received.

2 – Blind run.

This means the pokemon game I’m playing is one I haven’t beaten or gotten very far in. And I’ll be doing little to no research during my process of playing the game. Meaning, I don’t know the pokemon that trainers (including gym leaders, my rival, and the elite 4) will be using. And I won’t know the future of my pokemon either.

And the three clauses I am using are;

1 – Duplicate Clause. This means if the first pokemon I run into in an area is one I already own, then it doesn’t count

2 – Shiny Clause. This means if I run into a shiny pokemon I can catch it no matter what

3 – Legendary Clause. This means I can catch a Legendary pokemon no matter what, but it can only be added to my team if it was the first pokemon I saw in that area

Throughout my time doing this Nuzlocke Challenge, I’ll be giving updates and thoughts through my blog. Without further ado here’s the first official post on my Blind Nuzlocke Challenge of Cokemon Black 2;

At the start of my challenge I set my play style to set instead of shift, that way I’ll never know which pokemon a trainer will use next and it adds to how blind-ness of the challenge. Next thing I know I have to pick my first pokemon. I thought about and realized that I always have a pattern to how I choose my starter pokemon. In Red I went with Charmander, Silver/Crystal I went with Totodile, in Sapphire/Emerald I went with Torchic, and in Diamond I went with Piplup. So with this fire, water, fire, water pattern I decided I was going to go with the fire starter Tepig.

Named him Axel (after the Kingdom Hearts character) and then turned around and beat my rival and his Oshawott. Soon after that I started my travels, and was given two town maps one of which I need to find and give to my rival. And then I ran into my first pokemon while on Route 19. It was a Patrat. I was able to successfully catch it, after which I nicknamed it Ca-Tooth!

At this point a proceeded to train these two pokemon a bit. And then I meet some dude named Alder, he looks intense. He tells me he wants to help train me when he notices I have two town maps and that he saw someone pass through Route 20. So I head to Route 20, and the first pokemon I run into their was a Purrloin. I use Ca-Tooth to fight since he was only barely over the level of the wild Purrloin. This led me to a successful capture, and then I named the Purrloin Nelkatt.

I then have one path blocked till I get my first badge. So I head the other way to Floccesy Ranch. I get there and see some grass, there I run into a wild Riolu. Being that Lucario is one of my favorite pokemon I cross my fingers hoping that I go three for three on each area. Sadly after 8 attempts I run out of pokeballs and don’t capture it.

At this point I then battle and beat my rival. I then help some ranchers find a Herdier, which is a sheep dog looking pokemon. After doing that successfully I then head back to Alder. After fighting some kids he gives me the thumbs up on going to the gym in Aspertia. So I then go back to Asperia city, where I easily go through the gym trainers and proceed to the Gym leader. Being that I was only three levels higher than his first pokemon I didn’t want to risk losing and so I used a X Attack as soon as the battle started. I then plowed through his two pokemon and won my first Gym Badge!

I then heal up my pokemon sell my pokeballs for greatballs and head to Route 20. Once I get there I talk to the guy who was blocking my path before. After seeing my gym badge he battled me, I then beat him and Cheren popped out and told me about double battles in the wild. After leveling up a bit I decided to end my adventures till next time!


Got 1st Pokemon – Tepig, named it Axel

Got 2nd pokemon on Route 19 – Patrat, named it Ca-Tooth

Got 3rd pokemon on route 20 – Purrloin, named it Nelkatt

Ran out of pokeballs for the first pokemon I saw in Floccesy Ranch

Got my fist Gym Badge, the basic Badge!

Stay tuned for future Nuzlocke Challenge updates!

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