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Posted by ZimpanX
Posted by TonyS

Yeah. James and I both saw that after doing more investigative work when we heard he copied off one of our friend's blog. Hopefully it will end. Either way he is going to have to answer to JuraDai's accusations.

Posted by MsCortana

Oh, wow...that is unfortunate.  I do hope you have taken some action on this infringement of your rights.

Posted by ZimpanX

@ MsCortana: Yeah I have reported it to a GT admin.

Posted by LethalKi11ler

I reported it as well. Stupid ass he is

Posted by jimb0

Yeah, not cool at all. Hopefully everything will get sorted out shortly.

Posted by Aaron_G

That really sucks to see someone do that. Hope you get that taken down.

Posted by TheGamerGeek

Wow that would suck...I hope they get it took down.

Posted by KuroiNinja

Man, I hope it'll get taken down asap!

Posted by L

Wow. Where's the original ideas from people these days? Sorry to see that happen. :(

Posted by Gigastormz

I'm one of the people this loser has stolen from.  His latest blog post is mine.  I posted it on July 23rd and he posted it on July 27th.  I've reported him as well, and I sent out a call to all my friends who have also reported him.  It is 5:21 PM here and he still hasn't been banned.  I seriously hope this is taken care of soon, because plagiarism is not cool.

Posted by LethalKi11ler

Dun't worry Giga we'll take him down :p

Posted by Homes

Fuck him. Reported him and commented.

Posted by insanegamer

i reported this dude he better get banned

Posted by Asrahn

Seems like he´ll be going down alright. Copying an article by opinions alone, alright, but this is a fucking copy/paste case, word by word.

Take it as a compliment Messiah, he obviously liked it, and hope that he´ll get the ban-hammer so far up his ass he´ll choke ;)