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My only complaint, and it's really such a minor thing, is that Kanie and Sento's (maybe even Latifa too) designs were boring. They join the ever increasing list of characters who, if you just took a shot of their head, would be quite literally indistinguishable from each other. Kanie obviously moreso than Sento (thanks to her bow), but, visually, she's not that memorable either. Again, not that big of a deal, but I wish they had a bit more...oomph.

What you are referring to is widely known as the KyoAni Syndrome, a condition by which most anime characters in Kyoto Animation adaptation projects suffer from. There is currently no cure for this deadly disease.

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@babychoochoo: I gotta say, there's something endearing about Manstia that's absent in Man-Faye.

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@babychoochoo: @bigjeffrey: In a weird way I'm bummed that the Wiki page was wrong about Tanaka Atsuko voicing Meiko, but, man, that's still a star-studded cast. Both Kamiya Hiroshi and HanaKana are still going strong.

Looking forward to Gangsta because it's about time Koshimizu Ami got some damn work.

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The Seraph of the End OP/ED single came out, and it's pretty good. Sawano Hiroyuki has a knack for composing catchy music, and the lyrics actually make some sense this time around. Maybe it's because the songs stuck mostly to English and was far more literal, the message is a lot less mangled and on point. Still not 100% sure which song portrays which character, but leaning toward X.U. for Yuuichi and scaPEGoat for Mika.

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I like bunnies.

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@gaspower: Hey.


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What le fuck.

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Should I watch K?

I'm leaning towards watching it...

It's watchable, but I never found enough context for most of the events to care.

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Geralt actually does have a posse in the books which he desperately tries to get away from. Heck, he even had a scholarly vampire friend at one point. Also, Windrunner Milva.

But I wouldn't want that dynamic in the games.

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Maria the Virgin Witch is such a good show! Now through about 8 episodes.

I know, right? And it only gets better.

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Curse you Nisekoi! Just when we think we have a reveal of who the locket girl is, you throw us off again after the end credits.

I've long since given up hope. Speaking of Nisekoi, I was a little bummed that Toyoguchi Megumi didn't use her sexy, gravelly voice for Hana. Totally did remind me that she has hella range, though.