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I don't like eating any animal that live under the water. Fish, crustacean, molluscs. Nope. All gross. I will eat them if I have to, but there's almost never any great joy in doing so. Really fresh sashimi and well seasoned seafood dishes I do occasionally enjoy, but most of the time I'd rather go for something else if there's a choice.

Underwater plants are a-okay. Seaweed is delicious. And fuck Brad's opinion on jellyfish. They're great. Soak them in a sauce made from vinegar (not that transparent white vinegar bullshit, real dark Chinese vinegar or bust) and sugar, leave them in the fridge for one night, then put a dash of sesame oil on and mix before eating. So good. It's all about picking good quality jellyfish. Fuck that up, the whole thing's garbage.

And I realize jellyfish are animals and not plants. That's how good they taste to me.

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Knights of Sidonia - ...It would be pretty crazy if Necromorph-Hoshijiro "recovers" and they have a Gauna that's indistinguishable from the real Hoshijiro wanting to get out of containment. Do they let her out!?...

Oh, man. You have no idea. Not gonna spoil, because when the twist comes. Hooooooo, boy. Shit gets weird.

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Play with friends or a stable group! That's the best way to learn, form strategies, and build teamwork. It is by far the most rewarding way to enjoy the game. Solo is nice to have when you're short on time and just want to get a fix, but DotA is a team game at its core and you're never truly playing as a team if all you do is solo queue.

Solo MMR will always have its problems. Pugs are pugs and there isn't much that can be done (the current rating system is okay, but it's not without its own set of issues). If you're insistent on continuing down this path, I'm afraid you're going to have to take the good along with the bad.

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OH CHRIST! She better be 18 because 17 is like sooooooo much younger dude!!

Yes, I know its not that much of a big difference. I just don't want it to come back and bite me in the nuts. I definitely don't want to be like my father. He met my mom when she was 16 and he was 21, he didn't give of shit at all that she was underage. I'm surprise that he didn't get caught at that time.

It's really not that big of a deal if you're not having sex. You don't seem the type that would want to get into her pants as soon as possible, so I don't think it's worth worrying about too much.

Except if she wants to get into @falserelic's pants. If he says no, she's going to ask why and it might become the "oh, so you don't trust me" argument. Those never quite work out. Get to know her a little better, OP. Ideally, you wait until she's confirmed legal, but the risk is that the chance might slip away before then.

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@alexw00d: You realize this is patently untrue, right? I don't know what DotA you're watching because it sounds like you're talking about a different reality here. What's this about unable to consistently beat DK? They have a 60% win rate against DK and have consistently given DK a run for their money every time during competition, hence the moniker "DK slayers" by Chinese fans. Beating out every other Chinese team? Please. They're 50-50 against IG and VG all time, and those stats are skewed because they've only played a handful of games against one another. Hao and Banana were IG members before the formation of Newbee, and even with that kind of insider info they couldn't take more games off of IG (this is an IG with a fresh ChuaN and newcomer Luo, mind you). In fact, they didn't even take a single series from IG until June. If by "every Chinese team" you mean LGD, CIS, DT, and other small teams, sure, I guess you would be right, but who isn't beating those team on a regular basis? They started doing a lot better after recruiting Sansheng (a great addition) in April and finally started winning a major tournament and two. Xiao8 also began drafting better by then. Do I feel like they have the potential to be tier one? Sure, but the skill difference between Newbee and IG and DK is very apparent if one watches how they play. This TI saw a lot of uncharacteristic poor performances out of top teams ([A] immediately comes to mind), and Newbee and VG benefited a lot from that.

VG is a tier two team right now mostly because they're pretty unstable. There's no better proof of this than TI4. They were absolutely crushing during the group stages, only to see a significant performance drop later once teams had the time to carefully study their game. They're not particularly flexible, often sticking to a predefined strategy and when things don't work out they stubbornly continue on rather than switch gears (rotk is infamous for his feeding in many Chinese league games). I felt they were still a tier one team a few months ago (did really well last year, in fact) but they've been very inconsistent lately.

EDIT: I should also mention that the current Newbee is essentially the old TongFu from last year's TI. Watch any of their TI3 games and tell me they didn't play better back then. The caliber of play is noticeably different. Whenever they can play like that again, they'll truly be a tier one team.

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I'm just bummed that Na'Vi didn't make it. Them being middle of the pack during the groups stages was expected since Puppey has a tendency to experiment and feel out the other teams, but that draft really hurt them during the series with Cloud9. It was really Na'Vi not playing Na'Vi dota during the third match that really, really hurt them. Mass push isn't Na'Vi's style; they've always been a team that takes teamfights then towers then the game. Putting Dendi on DP and Xboct on a carry Brew made me groan out loud because it's essentially wasting Dendi's potential on a one-trick-pony kind of hero. If Na'Vi was to go out I wanted them to do it with a bang. Not like this, not like this...

Boring finals expected since it's two tier two Chinese teams who lucked out. Much rather it be DK and IG.

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Someone turn the TV box to ESPN and tell us the fuck is going on!

AND IT'S BACK, but game is over.




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Well, stream's dead. TI over, everyone go home.

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@hh: A couple of hours left to go until the main event starts! Hopefully we'll get chat going on GB.

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You can't build a free market of ideas whilst censoring out the "offensive" ones.

We have no interest in building a "free market of ideas." We ban and moderate posts and users every day. If you want to experience a moderation-free market of ideas, 4chan is a few clicks away.

Wait, are you telling me there are hidden links to 4chan on Giantbomb.com? ಠ_ಠ

Just kidding. Go to bed, Rorie. We'll behave. Or at least I will.