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@shortbreadtom: I'm afraid that if you're looking for TRIGGER's specific brand of bombast, you're not going to in Code Geass at all. The first season is more of what you've already seen, and if the revenge angle doesn't hook you, probably nothing will. In retrospect, the first season is more or less a setup for R2, though it does tell a perfectly functional story within its own narrative. R2 goes balls out with the plot and all, but Lelouch's arc is unexpectedly well written, albeit at the expense of a few notable major characters.

@azrailx: The ending is kinda great. It's even better if one tries to peel back the layers and look past the surface. For me, it was a lot of what might have happened that makes it so wonderful. The wagon scene with C.C. was both a "Wait... oh, shit?" moment and an amazing troll. Sure, the "true ending" was eventually clarified and we even got an OVA that put the nail in the coffin to all of the conspiracy theories, but man, the sheer suspense it created at the time sure was something.

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@bocam: I feel we might have very different definitions of "train wreck." My definition of a train wreck is something along the lines of Tokko.

And I completely disagree about R2 being bad. It was FaBuLoUs.

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@spazmaster666: I'm guessing you've not seen many train wrecks. 'Cuz, oooooh, boy, one can do far worse than Code Geass.

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Cross Ange is the best. Sunrise has outdone itself. This literally puts Valverave to shame. Give me all of your crazy, because I want it all.

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Ten dollars for a full scale MMO that's free-to-play with no gated content is a great, awesome deal. Don't see why anyone should pass on this opportunity if they're even remotely curious about GW2.

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@sergio: Speculation: Watari is actually into Tsubaki. His frivolity toward women is a symptom and defensive mechanism against his unrequited feelings for Tsubaki.

Arima is steadily building his harem.

And I just realized that Hayami Saori and Noto Mamiko are both in this show. Why hasn't the universe exploded yet? Props to Hayami for doing her best Noto Mamiko impression and Noto doing her best not Noto Mamiko impression.

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@dochaus: As someone who has been on multiple juries, I have to say real life courts might as well be run by magical bear-people.

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Maria the Virgin Witch is now my favorite thing this season. Pants Hands down.

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@gaspower: Shows that come out early in the year are forever at an disadvantage. :_;