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DotA 2 and Team Fortress 2 should work on that machine. I mean, my laptop is almost ten years old and those two games still run okay.

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@ajamafalous: I'll say that while I really don't like the Legendary grind and the Mystic Toilet, I thoroughly enjoyed the crafting system. Especially cooking. That was a lot of fun to level. And buying food ingredients for karma then reselling the ones that can be put on the market was quite profitable for a little while. That got patched out pretty quick, though.

And, yeah, having some distinct roles would have been nice. I'm a Guardian, let me tank!

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@capum15: That's a bummer. Guess they really want that key money.

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@billymaysrip: You're living The Life.

Keep on keeping on, senpai.

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@capum15: Y'know, one thing I never got used to was that heavy armor classes couldn't equip lighter armor, but I guess with the way itemization works in GW2 allowing Warriors and Guardians to use lighter armor would be shortchanging the other classes.

Also, does personal story being locked to level 10+ mean key farming isn't profitable anymore? I used to create new characters then do the story quests to get free chest keys. A run was typically about 20 minutes. If all of the story quests are locked until level 10, that means key runs will be at least twice as long.

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@capum15: How is that game these days? I played at launch and 100% the world then never went back. Heard they overhauled some of the systems in the game?

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@bigjeffrey said:

Akame ga Kill!21 ~ another dead the other dude is prob dead aswell. Everyone dies don't they.

Fate/Stay Night had this figured out years ago.

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I vaguely remember being asked about seiyuu popularity in the old thread, and an article just popped up on ANN so here's something for the person interested.

Most in Demand Voice Actresses of 2014.

  1. Miyuki Sawashiro - 20 roles
  2. Kana Hanazawa - 17 roles
  3. Sayaka Ohara - 16 roles
  4. Ai Kayano - 15 roles
  5. Saori Hayami - 14 roles
  6. Maaya Uchida - 13 roles
  7. Yōko Hikasa - 13 roles
  8. Mamiko Noto - 13 roles
  9. Rie Kugimiya - 12 roles
  10. Mariya Ise - 11 roles
  11. Satomi Satou- 11 roles

I'm a little surprised that Noto Mamiko made the list. Probably has to do with the fact that I'm automatically attributing every single one of her roles to Hayami Saori. Those two can sound pretty much identical at times.

And as always, the lack of Koshimizu Ami is a bummer.

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I didn't realize until today that Migi is voiced by Hirano Aya. While she never really left the voice acting scene completely, it's good to see her back doing a major role again after that disastrous music career.

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Instant ramen. The good brands.

Sounds like heaven.