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@gaspower: Oh man, one more season and we have to think about our AotY, huh? I can't even remember what I watched two seasons ago, let alone over the whole year. Maybe I should starting organizing my shit earlier this year.

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@babychoochoo: Is that the game that looks like Call of Duty mixed with Tron? I think I saw a trailer of that at some point.

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@dochaus said:

@adequatelyprepared: Personally, I'd say watch Stand Alone Complex if you just want one universe to focus on. Throw in the first movie for nostalgia's sake. Arise is just disappointing, more standard cop-action movie with a cybernetic skin than what I think of as Ghost in the Shell. As for Innocence...I watched the whole movie and I couldn't tell you a damn thing about it other than Motoko missing and Batou feeding his basset hound.

Bold for emphasis. This is probably why a lot of us are disappointed with Arise. Strip away the setting and it's just another functional cop show. It could have been its own thing and would have been arguably better that way. It didn't have to be (and shouldn't have been) Ghost in the Shell, because being GitS means meeting some very particular and hefty expectations.

And don't even get me started on Innocence... I can't even motivate myself to writing something about why it's such a hot piece of self-indulgent garbage. Fuck that movie.

@babychoochoo: I kinda hope they leave the franchise as it is at this point. Leave on a high note. Diluting it isn't helping anyone.

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Oh, hey, this totally reminded me that I saw the new GitS movie. The fact that I forgot about it is probably saying something.

Arise is a weird thing. I don't really have all that much to say about it other than, "it's alright." As much as I like Sakamoto Maaya, she's not great in Arise, but part of that is because the new Motoko character is boring.

@babychoochoo: I feel you're being too hard on Arise. The previous parts of the franchise is just too good and easily eclipses Arise in terms of pretty much everything. Arise watches fine as an above average cop procedural anime. The characterization and story is a little thin, but hey, it hasn't got the luxury of laying everything out that a TV series would have.

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Ya got me once with Maximum Impact. Never again.

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@believer258: Because we have too much spare time and are all secretly assholes who love watching shit crash and burn.

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Well, I drank too much over the course of last week and broke my eyes (popped a lot of capillaries, now I have Ghoul eyes) so I've been spending less time watching anime and more time listening to anime radio again.

The Shimoneta radio show continues to be my favorite best/worst thing this season. The Japanese PTA had some choice words for the anime, but the radio show is on a whole different level of raunchiness. Conservative Japanese culture be damned!

The Charlotte radio is also up there among my all time favorites. Sakura Ayane and Uchiyama Kouki's "idiot couple" acts are the clear highlight. Guess Sawashiro Miyuki and Miyano Mamoru finally passed the torch after Miyuki got married last year.

Still trying to find that episode of Aldnoah radio where they got Aoki Ei. Really want to listen to what the director of that show has to say.

I think there's a JoJo radio show as well, but the potential sausage-fest might just be a little too much.

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@babychoochoo: @golguin: Like, honestly, anyone who isn't shown to have special powers is suspect at this point. And who's to say a Brave can't turn traitor? Can the status even be revoked after it's been given? I mean, Flamie is going around killing other Braves and she's still a Brave. The setting is just such an ambiguous mess the show can pull anything out of its ass and still justify it.

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@gaspower said:


It happened in my mind and that's all that matters!

I think the Japanese VAs talked also about this during one of the talk radio episodes. There were awkward giggles.