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@gaspower: Ginoza's schtick in season one works because it makes sense, and the subtlety certainly helps. Shimotsuki's doesn't. Like on literally every level. Her whole justification for hating on Enforcers is literally, "BECAUSE SYBIL." P-P2 could have done a whole lot with her character just by exploring the "why?", but nope, can't go there. Heck, the Ginoza scene with Aoyanagi in one of the earlier episodes of season two was absolutely bonkers and completely devoid of any trace of subtlety. He's all, "Look at me arm and tank top, girlie. I'm exactly like ma ol'man now, and I'ma drink his whiskey. Huuuuurrr." Blew me away. Like, who writes this stuff? "Weird" doesn't even come close to describing how that scene worked out. And too bad for Gino, because just when you think he's out of his funk and going to finally get laid, Aoyanagi is deaderino.

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Is ZMF real or a meme?

Y'know, like Dave Lang?

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@dochaus: Since I can't GoogleDoc, posting votes here.

In no particular order, with the exception of number one:

  1. Silver Spoon (the live-action movie wasn't so great)
  2. Buddy Complex
  3. Aldnoah.Zero
  4. Log Horizon
  5. Nobunaga Concerto (the live-action version is fun, too!)

Now, some stuff I watched this year that didn't make top five.

Best action-packed adaptation of existing material:

Knights of Sidonia- Lots of space, lots of robots, pew pews!

Best most earnest, feel-good story with a bittersweet twist:

Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha- Inari is a model citizen despite having crazy super powers.

Best heehees-per-minute ratio:

Nozaki-kun- lulz

Best Tatsuya onii-sama:

Tatsuya (Mahouka) - BECAUSE.

Best show about an obscure sport featuring unconventional art style:

Ping Pong - pretty good up until the ending, which is less good.

Best fanservice show with lots of boobs and upskirts without coming off as too sleazy:

Rail Wars! - The road to becoming a train conductor is a tough one with many obstacles, including and not limited to many instances of accidental face-breast.

Best show in a category that I usually don't watch (romance):

Blue Spring Ride - OMG high school dating flashbacks, brb burying my face in a pillow and pretend none of it ever happened.

Best show who appears to be really smart in the beginning then ends like a leaky balloon:

Terror in Resonance - It's best not to think about this one too much and just ride along.



The one the only idol group making process thingy anime that I've only watched (and actually liked):

Wake Up, Girls! - At first I was thinking "what the fuck am I doing with my life?" then I was like "this isn't half bad, huh."

Best train wreck:

Wizard Barristers - that one episode where they like had no animation budget and it was literally a slideshow made me think something was wrong with my media player, but wait why are the subtitles totally going okay, this doesn't make any sense- oh wait.

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@gaspower: I enjoy Yona of the Dawn. It's a slow, deliberate, low maintenance show that has its moments of brilliance. Kinda like Garo: The Animation with less bombast (had to double check to make sure I didn't type bombcast, lel).

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Godamnit, China. Why you no let me Googledoc?


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@daveyo520: There were two others? I really only caught the one from this week.

yeah everything felt rushed as hell, probably because they only had 10 ep to work w/. There is a OVA but that looks like it's all fanservice judging from the promo vid so that how it's gonna end i guess.

I'd watch an anime adaptation of Akari's fanfiction involving herself and Toru.

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@frostyryan: I'm sure there's room for an Oreimo joke somewhere in that reply, but I think I'll pass.

Good luck being best onii-sama.

And speaking of Kill la Kill, dat Mako cameo in this week's WSBBC gave me a chuckle.

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@frostyryan: Kind of? If you consider topless buff demon dude and girls in undies and swimsuits to be sexy and nudity, that it.

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I'd wear a t-shirt with a black and white photo of that rooster with the caption COCK under it.

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@gaspower: Sure, finance will forever be an issue when it comes to anime production. I'm no productions man, so that aspect is completely beyond me and I can only guess as to which release format is more expensive. This brings up a question I've always been meaning to ask about: Who exactly makes pitches for anime adaptations and how does that process work? It's probably a lot more straight forward when it comes to original franchises, but when it comes to existing IP who makes these commissions? In the case of anime and manga, the publisher and author is likely directly involved, but TYPE-MOON is its own publisher. Are they making these pitches to studios and investors, or are they at least partially funding these things along with third party investors?

I was thinking more about Shinji's continued sexual assaults on Sakura. In the other two route, I think it was implied that Shinji's assaults were physical and not of a sexual nature, while in HF it's straight up "Hey, have sex with me or I'll tell Shirou about all the other times you've had sex with me." This facilitates a major plot point in HF. Sakura gets kinda "rapey" in HF after moving in with Shirou, too. It's just all around uncomfortable. And fucking good-guy Kirei. I almost believed he was going to not be a piece of shit in this route.