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Couldn't watch this because time zones. How long was it?

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@bigjeffrey said:

@zomgfruitbunnies: It happens for realzies. I think it says more on MC, just showing how he is an empty husk of a human being.

I guess it fits the worldview of the series as a whole, but that specific scene really came off as being extremely tone deaf. For a moment there I thought I was watching something directed by Kon Chiaki.

At the same time, the whole thing is kinda brilliant because vignettes a lot of what is wrong with all three characters as human beings. Yuuji is busted, we already know this, but even after all these years in the care of Asako, he's still very, very busted. This in turns says a lot about Asako and her problems. And JB, well, she's apparently just a gigantic hypocrite, as it turns out.

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Maybe someone familiar with the Grisaia franchise can clarify something for me: was the whole boning thing in this week's Le Eden De La Grisaia played up for cheap laughs, or was is actually for realzies and meant to imply something about the moral character of Asako and JB?

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Is it bad that I like this version of aLIEz better?


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Nothing live these days because time zones. Download at the office then watch at home (home internet is lousy).

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@alexandersheen: I hear Arslan Senki would potentially like to have a word with you.

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@drewbert: What kind of symptoms do you get when you eat above the safety threshold?

I have this weird thing with dairy products where I'm completely okay with things like cream, cake, milk tea, but cheesecake, pizza, and a glass of milk will absolutely wreck me. Last time I had some Turkish pudding (like, literally just a spoonful) it put me out of commission for a whole week with horrible abdominal pain and a leaky bunghole that needed emptying every two to three hours on the first day.

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@bigjeffrey: Since I'm dumb and don't have a big enough monitor to screen cap the whole thing:

EDIT: worked some black magic in MS Paint and cropped something together.


MAL tells me I only had about 180 days spent while this one tells me spent over 600 days on anime. Clearly, thing funky is going on, because 600 days sound absolutely insane.

Also, lol, not sure what I watched to get #35.

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@bigjeffrey: Yeah, no Kuroda Yousuke this time around. Takayama Katsuhiko is also a veteran screenwriter, but I've never found anything unique about his stuff. You look at Kuroda Yousuke, Okada Mari, and other big name screenwriters and you'll almost always find some stylistic/thematic commonality in the stuff they make. The shows Takayama involves himself with mostly seem to live or die by the quality of their directors.

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Not sure if I'm going to stick with Triage X. It doesn't have the cheeky, self-aware, satirical tone that stood out to me so much in Highschool of the Dead. A quick glance at the staff explains a lot. Will give it one more go next week.