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@gaspower said:

@hamst3r: My dog hates it when I try to touch her paw pads. ;_; ;_; :3

Well, clearly your dog is a tsundere. You watch anime, you know how to deal with this.

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@aegon: Everyone gets their breakthrough year. It's not so much about the initial bang than the continual longevity. Most agencies will push their newer talents vigorously at the beginning of their careers to weigh their marketability. A lot of it is also on the individual agents; if your agent is good at her job, you'll get a lot of work. After that, it's on the talent to maintain a good public image and sell himself into different lines of work other than dubbing anime (radio, event hosting, TV, ect.,). Like any other job, it's about establishing connection as you go and making the most of every opportunity. Plenty of seiyuu get off to a great start then fall into obscurity relatively quickly. It's a cutthroat industry and competition is fierce. Quite literally every newcomer out there is trying to take your job.

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This is the best.


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@saik0u: Giantbomb is secretly an anime website. All the video game stuff is just a front.

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Yay for new thread! And what better way to celebrate than with a poll!

Most Attractive Male and Female seiyuu as Voted on by 10,000 Japanese Fans TOP 20! (as of October 2014 by Charapedia)

1Hanazawa Kana19131Miyano Mamoru2075
2Amamiya Sora9062Suzuki Tatsuhisa1614
3Minori Suzuko8213Ono Daisuke1470
4Kayano Ai6154Kaji Yuuki1166
5Sawashiro Miyuki5705Kamiya Hiroshi1156
6Numakura Manami5666KENN992
7Inoue Marina5527Aoi Shouta800
8Tomatsu Haruka5288Shimazaki Nobunaga715
9Mizuki Nana5229Shimono Hiro460
10Uchida Maaya50710Nakamura Yuuichi436
11Chihara Minori46411Fukuyama Jun436
12Ogura Yui39812Tsuda Kenjirou430
13Asakura Azumi38613Eguchi Takuya418
14Taketatsu Ayana34514Hosoya Yoshimasa397
15Sakamoto Maaya30615Kakihara Tetsuya390
16Kobayashi Yuu28216Sakurai Takahiro383
17Tamura Yukari26917Toriumi Kousuke319
18Shimoda Asama25218Suwabe Junichi270
19Paku Romi19219Ono Kenjou269
20Takahashi Chiaki19120Yusa Kouji255

So, HanaKana wins by a landslide. Not surprising at all considering that she's like in every fucking show from the start of the year till now. I'm glad Sawashiro Miyuki made it into the top five and Paku Romi making the list, albeit barely. Surprise absence goes to Hayami Saori, who has also been in a ton of shows lately. Bummed that Koshimizu Ami didn't make the cut. I don't care if she has weird buck-teeth when she smiles. Look at this face and tell me if she's not a looker:

The men's department is a lot more even on the votes until position nine. Miyano Mamoru wins as expected. His public image has been pretty impeccable and his marriage seems to have boosted his popularity instead of the other way around. Friends and frequent co-stars OnoD and Kamiya Hiroshi both rank in the top five. Onii-sama Nakamura Yuuichi ties with FukuJun and makes it into the top ten on a technicality. Everyone's favourite douche bag Sakurai Takahiro ranks in at 16th.NEW THREAD. WOO

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I expect DotA to be robbed again of what is rightfully its.

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@dochaus: It's been like a year. Time for new thread. NEW TREAD.

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@golguin: Oh, God. How did I forget about Valverave? Totally necessary and handled with the utmost tact.


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Really great. It even has valid and well executed symbolism! If this movie came out like five years earlier it probably would have gotten a lot more traction.

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@hamst3r: Yeah, the SAC TV series is a police procedural through and through, albeit a very good one. The Laughing Man arc plays around with some political philosophy, but it's still very grounded stuff compared to the lofty, high concept soul searching of the original movie (but fuuuuck Innocence). The Solid State Society movie is more in line with the tone of the 1995 film while retaining the overall characteristics of the SAC universe.

The English dub is also absolutely amazing.