grahfzilla's Project Gotham Racing 3 (Xbox 360) review

One of the best racing games ever made.

Funny how things work. I really didn't like PGR2, at all. I thought it felt average and I didn't like the focus on kudos.

I wasn't sure what to expect from PGR3. I tried the demo and I can't say I was impressed. But I got the chance to buy it cheap so I thought what the hell let's do it. Let's just say that I do not regret my purchase in the least.

I think part of what makes PGR3 click that much more for me than PGR2 did are the achievement points. In PGR2 I didn't have the motivation to try the races at a higher difficulty level and I didn't have the motivation to learn the kudos system; all I wanted to do is race and it felt like the game was going out of its way to not let me race. But in PGR3 all of a sudden I was being rewarded for challenging myself and that changed everything. I actually finished every race on Platinum, I seriously cannot remember the last time I finished a game on a difficulty level higher than normal before PGR3. It's focus on kudos points goes hand in hand with the achievements although I have to say that it is still not something I'm that fond of which shows by the fact that I didn't get the 'style challenge' achievement. The graphics are amazing, the gameplay is very tight (sort of a cross between arcade and simulation physics), the music is just plain sweet considering you can use custom soundtracks and it's an overall awesome value. I'm giving it a 9 in Sound because in the game it says that it has some J-Pop and let me tell you, the 'J-Pop' they have in the game sure as hell isn't the J-Pop I know and love. Maybe I should send them some Ayumi Hamasaki, Ami Suzuki, Koda Kumi etc CD's just to show em what J-Pop is. Their 'J-Pop' songs sound much more like North American music than it does Japanese music. A big disappointment for my part. I gave it a 9 on tilt because I would have preferred if the game focused more on racing and less on kudos.

So in conclusion, buy this game it's one of the cheapest games for the 360 right now!

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