Puppeteer Demo Out!

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Apparently there's a demo out now, for all of us non-Japanese folks. Though I personally made an account for the Jap-Store just to try that around a month ago and was very pleased with what I saw/felt. Sorta like LBP, except with good controls and fun seeming story.

Edit; Apparently it might only be available for Plus-members as of now, haven't checked the store myself yet, just read about it.

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I had forgotten that there was a demo out for this game, so I ended up downloading the Japanese version while perusing through the store. Since neither demo thread really has much in the way of posts, I'll just dump my impressions here since this is the more recent one:

  • Very fun and charming plot premise backed up by solid writing and even better voice acting. I have no idea whether the non-Japanese versions of the demo got dubs or not, but at least in the one I played, it's clear all of the voice actors had fun being boisterous and bringing a fairy tale sort of premise to life. I'm especially fond of the girl that shows up about midway through the demo. She has some great spunk to her. Hopefully if they do dub the localized versions of the game that they'll get similarly exaggerated performances from all the voice actors; their color commentary during the demo is really delightful to listen to.
  • Really good controls. It took me a little while to catch onto a good beat for the scissor cutting stuff, but it's neat how you get to break some fundamental platformer laws of physics with the way it's handled. It's really satisfying to latch onto something you can cut and then just slide through the air for a while.
  • Wonderfully eye-catching aesthetic style backed up by some really great lighting. They both do a really good job of selling you on that basic idea that you're watching a play unfold. Very much so reminiscent of Japanese theater and other schools of storytelling like kamishibai in all the right ways.
  • Kind of overly short for a demo considering the file size, but they manage to convey so much information about the game and what it's trying to accomplish that I'm still really excited for the full product. I should be pinching my pennies right now, but I'm definitely contemplating preordering it.

All in all, it's the sort of game I'd expect SCE Japan Studio to put out and it's looking like their relatively sparse output this generation will otherwise potentially end on a high note. Definitely color me interested to see and play more.

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Cool, I'll wait for my pre order to arrive though.

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