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Pvt. James Ramirez was introduced in the mission " Wolverines!", serving alongside with Sergeant Foley and Corporal Dunn in the 1st Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment, Hunter Two-One. Ramirez is presumably Joseph Allen's replacement, as Allen was recruited into Task Force 141

Ramirez, Do Everything!

 But Sarge...
"Ramirez, Do Everything!" is an internet meme spawning late 2009, which pokes fun at the way Sergeant Foley commands the rangers throughout the course of Modern Warfare 2. Often he'll shout "Ramirez!" followed by a funny or seemingly impossible order. This inspired a picture of Foley's head with text around it giving another funny or impossible order. The full explanation can be viewed here.


  • While it isn't confirmed, it's widely accepted the Ramirez is the character on the cover art of MW2.

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