Quake main theme by NIN

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 I will be listening to this nonstop until TNT starts.
Here's a handy lyrics guide for your viewing pleasure:
  edit: the Quake 2 theme is also badass. You can find it on youtube durr

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Let's check this out.

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@HellBrendy said:
"Link? "
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@Azteck:  I said until, not during.
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@Azteck:   I will be listening to this nonstop until TNT starts.  
i think you misunderstood what until means
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@thehexeditor said:
" @Azteck:  I said until, not during. "
@sagesebas said:
" @Azteck:   I will be listening to this nonstop until TNT starts.   i think you misunderstood what until means "
Oops. Misread what he wrote. MY BAD GUYS.
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Dun-dun-dun, dun-dun-du-dun wrrreeeee!
AaaaaaaaaaaaaAaAaAaAaaaaaaAAaaaaaAAAaAAaaAAAaaa... (forever)

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@Hamst3r:  If you get tired of the Q1 theme, you can check out the more conventional hard-rock Q2 theme.
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I found it really interesting that (at the time) there was A LOT of complaining about the Quake music. It seemed like many MANY people were disappointed that Trent didn't give us the full on standard metal guitar bombast. I understand that but, damn, that whole soundtrack kicks all kinds of ass (in that creepy dig into your brain spooky subtle way).
I went back and played Quake again early in the year when the ID Anthology became unburied in my software pile and I think it's actually my favorite FPS soundtrack ever.

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