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One of the programs distributed through the Atari Program eXchange (APX).  Featured two-player versus mode, and one-player mode against differing level of opponent difficulty.  Players attempt to find weaknesses in the atmosphere in order to blow holes in defensive screens, and destroy an opponent's droids for victory.

Atmosphere layers shift, and if one of your weapons hits a layer it bounces back, blowing a hole in your own defensive screens and making your droids more vulnerable.  As the difficulty is increase the atmospheric holes are smaller and fluctuate faster, making offense more difficult.  At certain points, there is a free-fire zone that will pop up as a glowing bar on one side or the other.  This can be shot through without worrying about the bullets bouncing back, but can cause other problems later.

If you hit an opponent's ship they are not destroyed, but instead a wall begins from the atmosphere layer marching toward the player who was hit.  That player must then try to find a hole in the wall and move through it, lest the ship be destroyed.  When the ship is destroyed it instantly responds, but one of that ship's droids are destroyed as a penalty.

The amount of droids and defensive layers could be adjusted, as well as the difficulty of the atmosphere and the difficulty of the opponent in one-player games, leading to different sorts of strategies. 

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