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Qyzen Fess is the first companion that the Jedi Consular meets in Star Wars: The Old Republic. He is met on Tython during a Story Quest and is introduced to the player by Master Yuon Par. Qyzen offers aide to the Padawan Consular in hunting down a Twi'lek pilgrim that has been causing trouble for the Jedi Order.

After agreeing to meet the Consular at a Tython cave, Qyzen is captured by the Twi'lek pilgrims thus loosing all of his "points." A system of honor based upon a Trandoshan religion in which a deity known as the Scorekeeper watches over all the Trandoshans and their hunting prowess. When a Trandoshan is captured in any way they lose all of their points and have to appease the Scorekeeper to begin earning points again.

Having shamed himself, Qyzen Fess decides to join the Jedi Consular who has been deemed a "Herald" of the Scorekeeper.

Combat Role

Qyzen Fess fills the role of a melee tank companion. He can equip techblade's, heavy armor and shields.

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