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The Raven is a Missile based Battleship, mostly used by Caldari Capsuleers. The great range of Cruise Missiles as well as its versatility when it comes to dealing of different Damage types made this Ship, and especialy its faction version, the "Raven Navy issue", a favorite among Mission Runners all across New Eden. It's boni also grant a huge benefit when it comes down to PVP, where, when fitted with Torpedo Launchers, it can turn the tide of a battle to someones favour.



Official Description

 The Raven is the powerhouse of the Caldari Navy. With its myriad launcher slots and powerful shields, few ships can rival it in strength or majesty.


CPU 700 tf
Powergrid 9500 MW
Calibration 400 Points
Low Slots
Medium Slots
High Slots
 6 (Launcher)
Rg Slots
Rig Size

Drone Capacity
75 m³
Drone Bandwith
75 Mbit/sec

Structure HP
6641 HP
Cargo Capacity
665 m³
99.300.000 kg
486.000,0 m³
Inertia Modifier

Armor HP
6641 HP
EM Resistance
50 %
Explosive Resistance
10 %
Kinetic Resistance
25 %
Thermal Resistance
45 %

Shield HP
7500 HP
Shield Recharge Time
2.500,00 s
EM Reistance
0 %
Explosive Resistance
50 %
Kinetic Resistance
40 %
Thermal Resistance
20 %

Capacitor Capacity
5312 GJ
Capacitor Recharge Time
1.154,88 s

Targeting Range
75.000 m
Max. Locked Targets
Scan Resolution
85 mm
Sensor Strength
22 (Gravimetric)
Signature Radius
460 m

Max. Velocity
94 m/sec
Warp Speed
3,0 AU/sec


 The Raven

  • 5% bonus to Cruise and Siege Missile Launcher rate of fire per skill level
  • 10% bonus to Cruise Missile and Torpedo max. velocity per skill level

Required Skills

  • Spaceship Command I
  • Caldari Frigate IV
  • Spaceship Command III
  • Caldari Cruiser IV
  • Spaceship Command IV
  • Caldari Battleship II

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