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Set in an astonishing new fantasy world, Spellbound promises the game will offer a crisp and incomparable approach to the action genre. Building off its promise of being without equal, the game is set in a “steam powered” world. The player will be able to take advantage of strange and ridiculously fun sounding gadgetry, to help in annihilating enemies and blowing through in-game obstacles. Other game features include seeking out high pressure steam outlets to supercharge your equipment, thus allowing you to cause chaos on an even larger scale.

“We are proud to announce our new project,” began Andreas Speer, the CEO at Spellbound, “Spellbound has been creating successful brands and projects for over 15 years. Our products have always been and continue to be exemplary in the domain of creativity, aesthetic quality and art style. Our“steam powered” approach brings a completely refreshing and surprising value to the fantasy action genre. We are very excited about our new project and delighted by the strong interest that it is attracting.”

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