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"Made by Gamers for Gamers."

Razer has made their presence in the Gaming Peripheral market known, with Industry leading features like Anti-Ghosting, High-G Acceleration and high amounts of Ultra Polling Razer is known amongst gamers as being one of the best gaming peripheral manufacturers. Currently Razer offers Keyboards, Mice, Speaker Systems, Sound Cards, Headsets (with or without microphones), Portable Earbuds, Mouse Pads and various accessories (cable weights and attachments for there Keyboards)


Assorted Razer Mice.

Razer offers a total of 12 different wired gaming mice, the difference between each of the mice range from Hand Orientation, Ergonomics, DPI Speed and Back-lightning Color (Typically Blue, Red or White). Razer started their work with different mice. Each of them had different characteristics, from a fast DPI to a comfortable approach. They are the main rivals of Logitech concerning all the gaming mouse equipment. Razer also puts their mark on each mouse with their logos glowing in the dark for late gamers. For each of the 12 wired mice Razer currently offers they also produce a mouse pad for each, these mouse pads are designed specifically for different generations of Razer Mouse Sensors and range from Hard Mats to Soft Mats to mats that offer both Hard and Soft (Hard on Top, Soft on bottom).

Razer Mamba on Charging Dock.

In addition to the 12 wired mice Razer currently offer they began developing a Wireless Gaming mouse, this mouse in question is known as the Razer Mamba and offers the Wired Gaming mouse specs without the wires (unless you want the wire's as the Razer Mamba features a wired and wireless mode through a single mini-USB connection which by default is connected to the Recharging Dock). The Razer Mamba was an amazing advancement in Wireless gaming and lead to it selling like hotcakes and being one of the best selling Razer products ever resulting in almost shortages of the product around the globe.

Guild Wars version of the Razer Deathadder

Razer has also offered a few special edition mice in the past, these mice are designed specifically for Razer sponsored Pro-Gaming team's (See the Sponsorship section for details on there current sponsored teams) or certain games (Guild Wars, World of Warcraft, etc) and have offered features ranging from Custom Clan/Game Logo's, Custom Back-Lightning and Custom Requested Specifications (Extra Buttons, Higher DPI, etc). In addition to the custom mice having specific features for the Clan's / Communities that are requested, Razer has provided part of the sales towards sponsorship of Professional Gaming and Professional Gaming Teams.

Most Razer mice also offer On-Board memory, this memory is used to store various settings (DPI, Polling Rate, Vertical Speed, Horizontal Speed, Macros, etc) that the Razer Drivers offer directly on the mouse so when you're using your mouse on other computers all you need to do is install the Latest Drivers and you'll have all of your pre-configured settings automatically recognized by the drivers.


Razer Lycosa

In the past Razer only offered Gaming Mice, over the year's this has changed and Razer has started to offer a large amount of Gaming Keyboards in addition to their gaming mice. Razer currently has four keyboards that they market as Razer Gaming Keyboards, in addition to these keyboards Razer's technology also powers the Microsoft Reclusa Keyboard and Everglide DKTBoard. Key specifications that are offered by Razer keyboards are Illuminated Back-lighted keys, Anti-Ghosting (Can press 10 keys at once without a delay / loss of data) and Onboard Memory to store Driver Profiles directly on the keyboard for easier use on multiple systems.

Razer Lycosa

In addition to the above mentioned features most Razer Keyboards feature keys that are almost flush with the Keyboard base itself but are slightly raised, they feel much like a Laptop keyboard but offer more space. Most Razer Keyboards also have customizable Keyboard Keys through the Razer Driver's, key customization can be simple key press macro's or full scripts for specific games that use multiple commands. Included with all Razer Keyboards are the media controls, Next Song, Previous Song, Stop, Play / Pause, Sound Up and Sound Down are common media key functions for Razer Keyboards.

Audio / Headsets

Razer Carcharias

Razer started offering Headsets a few year's ago, in total Razer now sells three headsets that include a Microphone and One that does not, bringing there total amount of Headset's to four and offering a full line of Inexpensive feature filled gaming headsets. Additionally Razer also has started offering Ear Buds known as the Moray and Moray , the earphones Razer offer's aren't extremely popular as there are hundreds of other earbuds to choose from with cheaper price-tags.

Razer headphones offer a high amount of bass which is rare for gaming headsets and also feature crystal clear microphones, this is often not the case for Gaming Headset's as it's either you have Great sound and an okay microphone or you have decent sound with an amazing microphone, this of course is one of the reasons for the price of Razer Headset's which often is above $139.99 USD.

Razer Mako 2.1 Speaker System

In January 2007 Razer teamed up with THX to release the Mako 2.1 bi-amplified speaker system, these speakers are unique due to the way they push the Audio out of the speaker's, rather then pushing it in a cone shape like conventional speaker systems the Mako's push audio down and in all directions, this is what make's the speaker system unique and how it achieves it's 2.1 Speaker Setup offering close to 5.1 surround sound results. The speaker system being unique has one large flaw, the price is enormous and for the same amount you can generally purchase a better Logitech or Bose setup, this however does not change the fact that they're one of the best gaming speaker system's ever for someone looking for a small amount of Cables and low amount of Hardware.

Razer Barracuda AC1

Razer also entered the Sound Card market with the "Razer Barracuda AC1" Sound Card in mid-2007, the Barracuda offered all of the features of a High-End Sound Card (7.1 Surround Sound, Stereo to 5.1 Audio Conversion, S/PDIF IN, etc) but much like the Mako the price of the Barracuda wasn't very desirable amongst enthusiasts as for the same price you could purchase a similar card with more features and better drivers. However the Razer Barracuda was often rated very well (7 out of 10, etc) by reviewers and the Build Quality was amazing but the lack of certain features and the fact that an additional cord was required to use the Headphones it was made for out of the Box.

The Barracuda has ceased production with no known reason or comment from Razer, it's assumed that an updated model is being worked on and will be released in 2010 - 2011.

Gaming Surfaces

Razer Goliathus

Razer's goal has always been to maintain the highest quality possible for gamers by gamers and they've extended that philosophy to there Mouse Pads, currently Razer offers a total of six Mouse Pads that come in different Colors, Sizes, Shapes and Materials which if included brings the total number of Gaming Surfaces offered by Razer too thirteen. As with Razers mice they have started offering Custom Mouse Pads for Games and Various Professional gaming clans. Razer also designs there mouse pads specifically for different mice they offer, Hard Mat's and Soft Mats are the most common but hey also have Textured Cloth material surfaces and Double Sided mouse pads that offer both a hard and a soft style gaming surface for half the cost.

Razer Destructor

Razer gaming surfaces are notorious for being expensive but there are cheaper options available directly from Razer, because most of there gaming surfaces are so expensive people tend to stay away from Razers newer gaming surfaces and use the time tested Razer eXactMat and Razer Destructor, both of which are Hard Surfaced and actually don't increase the performance of Razer's newer Infrared Sensors that are included in the newest mice offerings.

Additionally Razer Mouse Pads are often featured at Professional Gaming Tournaments and Lan Parties due to Razer sponsoring a lot of these events (and giving out a lot of free swag!) as a way to show the community that the founders actually care about there customers.

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