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Record of Agarest War: Not So Naughty, But Nice 0

    For a game that touts itself as possessing a naughty atmosphere about it, Record of Agarest War doesn’t really deliver. After all, when one imagines exactly what ‘naughty’, as a simple word, conjures up in the darker recesses of the human mind, one can’t help but expect Agarest War to fall short of any expectations. But despite having vast similarities to other tactic-centric titles like Final Fantasy Tactics, the game does deliver on it’s promise of having characters possessing more ra...

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I wish this game wasn't on my Record... of Agarest War 0

Record of Agarest war has some very interesting ideas. Take a strategy role-playing game and mix it with a Japanese dating-sim? Alright that could be pretty cool. Make the game span across five generations and at the end of each, you get together with the woman who loves you the most and make a baby. In the next generation you then play as that baby! That sounds great too right? Spice up the typical SRPG with some sexy anime ladies and overtly market the game toward lonely horny teenagers? Sure,...

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Life is too short for bad Strategy RPGs 0

I'm trying something slightly different here, and submitting this review as a video. I'm using a new video editing program, for this video, so bear with me as I work on adjusting the sound quality....

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