Been a long while since I've had one of these impulse buys...

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But RDR brought another to this shameful list. The Legends and Killers pack, £8, is way overpriced for what it gives. Some skins of a game I've never played, 9 maps that should of been apart of the main game and a single new weapon - which turned out to the highlight of it all. 
I wouldn't mind as much but for me RDR's multiplayer is freakin' deserted! Only one other player did I encounter since I've bought this DLC during free-roam. Not a single ID to be found in the competitive, unfortunately. Hell I can't even invite my lil brother along into my game because he's ''not compatible'' apparently. Maybe soon enough the MP will fill up again and this won't be seen as a complete waste. What's more I even then bought me Red Dead Revolver for the ps2 for £5.....I HAVE LOST MY SELF CONTROL! D=

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