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Red Dog Released in 1999 in Europe (2000 for the USA) for the Sega Dreamcast is an vechile based shooter placing players in command of the Red Dog assault vechile, A heavely armored buggy, equiped with various lazer cannons, missile systems and a shield system for defence.

Red Dog was developed by the now closed Argonaut Games and was one of the dreamcasts more well received shooters, 
The game boasted six single player missions in which the player under the command of the Red Dog attempted to defeat the Haak an alien race that had been invited to earth but after many years of living in peace have turned hostile.  

The Dog in action

The games story begins with contact being lost with human populations living close to Haak cities and with human scouts being shot down while investigating, war has been declaired between humans and the Haak, the single player missons take the player from volcanic islands to human cities and finally the Haak mothership.

The game also provided a challange mission mode, this mode consisted of 7 challanges aimed at testing the players ability to control the red dog, the missions ranged from vechile manevering challanges to survival modes and search and collect missions.

Red Dog also provided players with 3 modes of multiplayer for up to 4 people, the game offered 3 modes of play, Skirmish, Team and Tournament and 7 unique play modes including standard Deathmatch, Bomb Tag, Flag Runner and King of the Hill, the game provided 16 multiplayer maps ranging from single player inspired maps to unique maps designed for stunts and extreme driving.

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