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The 3rd most fun i've had destroying a building with an ostrich

 I never intended on buying this game. In fact, I actively made fun of it and other games that I believed "thought that destructible environments somehow made a mediocre game worth buying". I'm not going to bore you with the amazing tale of how I ended up with it, but eventually I (Hesitantly) popped in the game and became Alec Mason, a miner on mars with a terrorist brother. Despite the fact that I ended up not caring about the plot or characters because of both bad storytelling and enough cliches to make four sci-fi TV movies, the game turned out to be a pleasant surprise. The GeoTech Mod 2.0 is something I think should be included in every video game from now on. For those not familiar with it, it basically allows everything to be destroyed as realistically as it can possibly be destroyed. In the opening level, you have to destroy a tower and a laboratory. I hit the tower in the sides a few times with my sledge hammer, and it fell on the lab, completing both objectives. Doing things like making bridges fall will not only be awesome, it will also net you some salvage, the in-game money. That means that if you feel like ramming a tractor into a big house, that'll further your character. The game gives you plenty of incentive to explore the large maps, which you will have to do a lot of, since it IS a barren martian colony. I would have given this game a 5 if it had more buildings packed closely together, and maybe had a better plot. But honestly, at the time of this review we have a pretty big drought of games during this summer, and a four is enough to warrant a purchase. If you're reading this in 2010, wondering why it should pull you away from final fantasy 13 and heavy rain and god of war 3 and bioshock 2 and the insane number of games you have available, this next sentence should sway you. You can unlock an ostrich that is swung like a hammer in the multiplayer. Oh, did I forget to mention the multiplayer? Well, imagine a multiplayer. Now add that to a non-open world version of this, and then add backpacks.


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